Accessing the Already Connected Consumer

Connected WorldNewMR sponsored Webinar

Live broadcast:
4 September 2019, 4pm Singapore

The slides and recording can be accessed by clicking here.

Vivien Le Masson (Senior Director, Asia, Innovation & transformation, Kantar)
May Ling Tham (Director, Asia, Modern Survey Design, Kantar)

Moderator: Ray Poynter

This session will explore some of the developments that both the consumer landscape and the Market Research industry are undergoing to better pinpoint real consumer opinion.

It will cover;

  • Meeting consumers on their device and how researchers can leverage the relationship people have with their smartphones
  • Engaging through modern survey design and how to communicate to achieve considered, valuable responses
  • Connecting through social media channels and leveraging an environment where consumers are already active, such as WeChat (reported to be used by 98% of China‚Äôs online users)
  • Creating conversation by using Artificial Intelligence to bridge the gap between qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Applying Machine Learning to detect Fraudulent activity and increase speed, capacity and the validity and consistency of data outputs

The audience will be left with understanding and examples that show, although there can be a lot of moving parts when integrating technology into survey research and connecting multiple audiences, by thinking about the already connected consumer you can find an easier path to simplifying and improving your data.