Vivien le Masson

Vivien Le Masson

Kantar Singapore


Senior Director, Asia, Innovation & transformation, Kantar

Vivien leads Kantar’s digital transformation and innovation for Kantar Profiles in Asia.  He joined the Kantar group back in 2008 and has undertaken various positions from project management and client facing insight roles to mobile and transformation leadership.  Key to his current role, Vivien embraces #DataClimateChange. He is a firm believer in passive collection of behavioral data (what, how, where & when consumers do what they do) and active collection of emotional data (why they do it). He also believes in best in class UX & UI: respondents are consumers first. Aside from technology and large-scale project management know-how, Vivien is also recognized for his data visualization skills.

May Ling Tham, Vivien Le Masson Accessing the Already Connected Consumer