Data Collection Update

Somebody listeningWebinar Wednesday 30 October 2019

Live broadcast 10am New York (2pm London)

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Webinar Moderator: Ray Poynter

  • Games, Gamification and Playful Experiences in Marketing,
    presented by Betty Adamou, Research Through Gaming
  • Selecting Effective Product Claims in CPG/FMCG,
    presented by Jason Widjaja,
  • How to use Flow Charts in Survey Design,
    presented by Paul Hudson, FlexMR

Presentation Abstracts

Betty AdamouGames, Gamification and Playful Experiences in Marketing:
AdverGames as a growing mode of data collection – the intersection between Branding, Engagement, and Consumer Insight. Presented by Betty Adamou, Research Through Gaming
According to a recent article, many Fortune100 companies are “ripping up their advertising plans and rethinking how they communicate with consumers in a data driven, digital world.” Unilever, Adobe, Accenture, GSK, Uber and many others are emphasizing the need for more experiential and digital marketing, and the need for more data.  Game-based marketing ticks all these boxes. As such, hundreds brands are already crossing the bridge from traditional marketing to game-based marketing en-masse.

Marketing teams globally are making fully-fledged games to cut through the noise and engage users, using gamification for entire marketing campaigns, and utilizing more playful experiences with quizzes to extend the brand experience.
The additional win for marketeers in using playful and game-based techniques is: data. And lots of it.
This means that AdverGames, Promo Games, Brand Games, or whatever you might call them, are a triple threat; they’re sticky, they collect data, and allow two-way interaction between brand and consumer in a way no other advertising medium can.

Betty Adamou, expert in using games and gamification for research data collection, unpacks what’s going on in Game-based Marketing with several examples, and forecasts where this industry is growing next, and colliding with traditional market research.

Jason WidjajaSelecting Effective Product Claims in CPG/FMCG, presented by Jason Widjaja,
What shall we say on the pack?” This question invariably pops up at some stage of the product development cycle. Managers want to know if consumers need to be reassured, how they will react to new benefits that competitors don’t deliver, and if they are willing to pay for more advanced features or sourcing.

In this presentation we lay the groundwork for claims research: from types of claims, to ways to test them. We will go through several interactive processes that show how different methods can answer various claims questions. By the end of the presentation, you will have a clear refreshed view on claims testing for your next CPG launch or revamp.

Paul HudsonHow to use Flow Charts in Survey Design, presented by Paul Hudson, FlexMR
As researchers, we often balance our desire for detailed insight with the need to design engaging experiences. Smart survey scripting is one way in which these two objectives are reconciled. However, ensuring survey participants take the route most relevant to them, whilst preserving data quality can quickly add huge amounts of complexity. In this webinar, we’ll highlight how a visual, flowchart-based approach to survey scripting can not only speed up the design process but help embrace complexity in order to build more engaging participant experiences. We’ll cover practical design skills, best practices and key steps in the visualisation process.