Betty Adamou

Betty Adamou

Research Through Gaming UK


Betty Adamou is a British designer and co-developer of digital games for online research (as a replacement for the traditional ‘survey’), inventor of research methodology “ResearchGames™, and an award-winning innovator and entrepreneur.

She is the CEO, Founder and Chief ResearchGame™ designer of award-winning research company Research Through Gaming Ltd (RTG).

Since the inception of RTG, Adamou has been frequently named as a pioneer of game-based research, a researcher of influence, a thought-leader, research innovator, and most recently one of 7 females shaping the future of market research. As such, Adamou’s foresight is often sought by industry publications through interviews on the future of market research and in particular, the impact of emerging and future technologies on data collection.

From working at software company Nebu, Adamou then went on to start Research Through Gaming as a business when she was 24, from her bedroom with a laptop.  After seeing how online research needed to drastically improve in several areas, she wanted to harness the intrinsic motivation and engagement that she experienced playing games like World of Warcraft to improve the research experience primarily for participants, who she has said “must have been bored out of their minds with traditional surveys” in interviews and conference talks.

Through her work developing ResearchGames™, Adamou and her team have also developed additional technological assets to make the creation of ResearchGames possible. As the methodology of ResearchGames was so forward-thinking, there were no existing software systems or other technologies at the time which Adamou could use to create them. So Adamou and the RTG team had to design and develop their own software systems to make and run ResearchGames; namely their own home-grown Game-Engine ‘RES Engine’ and data collection system ‘MIRANDA’.

Adamou has shared through several Keynote speeches, University guest lectures, interviews and guest magazine articles, that not only are participants voluntarily sharing how much more engaged in the research process they are when ResearchGames are used, but also RTG clients are self-proclaimed to be more engaged as well. Furthermore, RTG’s research-on-research results show increased response rates and completion rates to be recorded when ResearchGames are used. It is thought this is through the novelty of the use of ResearchGames being experienced by participants, often for the first time, and the enjoyability of the ResearchGame being played, again, as stated voluntarily by the participants themselves who have used words such as ‘enjoyable’, ‘novel’, ‘fun’, and ‘unique’ to describe their experiences playing ResearchGames.

RTG clients have gone on to produce new products and achieve new levels of understanding of their customers and prospective customer-base through the research results garnered by ResearchGames, noting to Adamou and her team that the data gathered as both ‘insightful’ and ‘actionable’.