Paul McGhie

Leading Thought and Launchpad UK


Paul McGhie has two distinct and complimentary roles as a visual storyteller and creative entrepreneur; he is Co-founder and Creative Director of marketing agency Leading Thought, and Founder and Director at LaunchPad Films, a film production company based in London.

In his role as a filmmaker, Paul has won awards for his work and is involved in script writing, digital art, photography and concept design. This compliments his role as a Marketing Expert, helping SME’s (often tech companies), to build effective marketing campaigns where visualisation at the very heart of the narrative.

Paul shares his expertise as the Data Viz and Infographics workshop facilitator with the Market Research Society and other organizations, and as a consultant – namely working with Research Through Gaming, where his collaboration on building ResearchGames have helped win the company a variety of awards and recognition.

Paul McGhie, Betty Adamou Data Caricatures: rethinking visualisation for the modern researcher