Festival of NewMR 2019 – International Women’s Day

IWD - Festival of NewMR

8 March is International Women’s Day and this webinar celebrates the day and focuses on key topics relevant to the issues raised by IWD. The webinar will consist of four presentations, followed by a panel discussion.

Slides and recordings available here.

Chair: Sue York

Photo of Barbara Leflein Barbara Leflein Andreas Jackson,
Leflein Associates Market Research,
Women’s Values Take A Front Seat
Photo of Andrew Jackson

Photo of Kanika MalikKanika Malik
Company Brandscapes Worldwide
Lead with Insights, Break Stereotypes

Photo of Annie PettitAnnie Pettit
Diversity in Conference Speakers in 2018 reviewed

Photo of Kristin LuckKristin Luck
Luck Collective
Challenges in the workplace

Panel Discussion
There will then be a panel discussion about the implications for the workplace and the insights profession. : the panel members will be drawn from the speakers plus Sue York and Ray Poynter.

Nikki Lavoie’s presentation on a code of conduct for market research will take place at a later date.


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Presentation Outlines

  • Barbara Leflein & Andreas Jackson, Leflein Associates, Inc.
    Women’s Values Take A Front Seat
    Whether it was the women’s march, Black Girl Magic, #MeToo, #TimesUp, women want to be validated; it’s no surprise why AT&T coined 2018 the Year of the Woman. And when it comes to media consumption, women are self-selecting into programs and media brands for reasons deeper than pure entertainment. This research measures the context effects of viewers’ personal values on media preferences and ad receptivity. Leflein will be presenting highlights from a case study conducted for WE tv on Women’s Empowerment and how brands and publishers can best engage with women.   Our study uncovers how content that celebrates the power of women can impact women’s viewing choices. Multicultural women, in particular, are at the forefront of this growing cultural movement. We also identify a variety of categories in which all women feel underserved. Attendees will come away understanding:
    What is currently driving women’s viewing choices
    One key value that programmers and advertisers need to address
  • Kanika Malik, Brandscapes Worldwide
    Lead with Insights, Break Stereotypes

    MR is helping brands empower their female audience through advertising in three ways -1) Measuring shifts in sentiments and conversations over time to understand WHAT NOT to say (and WHAT to say)
    2) Understanding HOW to communicate, so that the message resonates, inducing a sense of empowerment, positivity and inspiration
    3) Encouraging brands to create Ad platforms that redefine the status quo, promote collective betterment and cross boundaries in their appeal
    We will borrow learnings from some of the global women empowerment campaigns that set an example, to prove the power of MR in creating brand impact.
  • Annie Pettit
    Diversity in Conference Speakers in 2018 reviewed
    Annie shares her data about the speaker balance at conferences in 2018. Perhaps the key questions are: 1) have things improved on previous years, 2) what are the next steps?
  • Kristin Luck, Luck Collective
    Challenges in the workplace
    Kristin shares the results of research conducted by WIRe looking into the issues surrounding gender and employment in the market research and insights industry.
  • Nikki Lavoie, MindSpark Research International
    A code of conduct for market research
    We have been hearing numerous reports of being feeling harassed at work, for example, inappropriate behavior in the office or at Market Research Conferences and Events. Nikki will explain how a Code of Conduct can and will help.