NewMR AI Update – August 2024

AI Webinar August 2024NewMR Webinar
Tuesday 27 August, 2024
Broadcast time 10am New York (3pm London, 4pm Paris & Amsterdam)
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Agenda, 27 August

  • Platform Showcase
    Human-like Moderation Powered by
    – presented by Tanya Berlina, Client Success Director at (see the full description below)
  • Panel Conversation
    What is the role of the human-in-the loop wth AI? What is the role of empathy in AI models?
    With Melanie Courtright, CEO Insights Association and Mike Stevens, Founder, Insight Platforms.
  • A Global Overview of AI in Insights and Market Research
    Ray Poynter will present the results of NewMR’s second study into this topic, contrasting the results with the previous wave.

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Human-like Moderation Powered by
Presented by Tanya Berlina, Client Success Director at

Automating deep consumer conversations was a challenge until the advent of Large Language Model (LLM) systems. With the new technology, chatbots can converse with consumers in a human-like manner. What was hard to imagine has become reality. This is a pivotal moment in market research. All eyes are on AI for good reason. AI moderation offers unparalleled efficiency and transformative opportunities.

Join us for the demo, where we will cover:

  • Prompting an AI Agent: Learn how the collaboration between an experienced researcher and an AI moderator is key to success.
  • Contextual Moderation: Discover how adapts based on target audience, language, and country, ensuring empathy and flexibility.
  • Automated Project Flow: Maintained researcher oversight with no manual moderation and analysis.
  • Scalability: Quantitative sample size reduces the chance of missing critical insights and allows for instant validation.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Explore new opportunities for both clients and agencies, improving overall productivity.
  • Key Areas of Application: Understand how can be used in qual-quant studies, insights collection, concept testing, and more.
  • Feedback from Respondents: Learn why consumers love chatting with AI chatbots through their direct feedback.

At the end of the demo session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the technology and the tool. is a platform developed by a team of experienced market researchers at, who have successfully automated quantitative tests for major brands.

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NewMR’s YouTube AI Videos
Ray Poynter and NewMR have also created a Playlist of videos to help you get the most out of AI and from ChatGPT in particular.

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Jigsaw ModelDo you want to showcase your AI Platform?
We will have a showcase session in each of our AI webinars this year (see the schedule below).

This is a commercial proposition in that the fee of $1000 covers our costs and the time needed to set up the sessions. If you want to book a session, contact us – it is first come, first served.

You will have 10 mins to demo your system, then 10 minutes of Q&A.

The 2024 AI Update Series