Daniel Tralman

Research Manager, Northstar London UK


Daniel joined Northstar London in 2011 after working for both our North American and European offices. His academic background in Sociology has both fuelled his passion for understanding human behaviour and grounded it in social theory. During his time at Northstar, Daniel has managed a variety of quantitative and qualitative research projects ranging from brand and advertising tracking to new product development and large scale automotive clinics. These studies have led him to work with international brands such as Britvic, Delta Air Lines, Jaguar Land Rover and Navistar.

Over the past 12 months, Daniel was as a finalist for the MRS/BIG 2014 Award for Business-to-Business Research and was awarded the Best Overall Contribution Award at the MRS Annual Impact 2015 Conference.

Daniel has a BA (Hons) degree in Sociology and Communications from Wilfred Laurier University, which has given him a firm understanding of research methods, social semiotic analysis and social behaviour.

Daniel Tralman, Noah Roychowdhury Respondent Reimagined