Jane Frost

Jane Frost CBE



Jane holds over 150 awards for creativity and brand marketing, including a double platinum disc for the BBCs Perfect Day which also raised over £2.5m for Children in Need. She is currently the CEO of MRS (the UK regulator for market and social research and a global trainer and publisher for the sector).

Jane is a classically trained marketer, graduating from Unilever after 7 years to become marketing Director of Shell Middle East based in Dubai before returning to Shell International to create the Brand function.

Tempted by one of the most difficult challenges for a marketer, Jane moved to the BBC to set up their branding function, engaging with a sceptical government as part of the charter and licence fee renewal teams. Apart from Perfect Day and other highly awarded advertising campaigns, she also oversaw the wholesale re-branding of the BBC to its current logo: a job so difficult all subsequent attempts have failed.

After being part of the team that established a new private company, BBC Technology, out of the support assets of the BBC and its successful sale, she joined the government as Strategy Director to the Lord Chancellor before becoming HMRCs first Customer Director. It was for this work in revolutionising HMRCs strategic approach, that she was appointed CBE.

Jane has held many NED positions and trusteeships and is currently co-chair of the Tiffany Circle of the Red Cross, vice chair of the Fairtrade Foundation and a trustee of the Lowry Centre. In the past, she has held roles in the international publisher and services company Wolters Kluwer NV, at Children in Need Ltd and has chaired an educational trust.

She is kept sane by her two border terriers and her garden.

Seyi Adeoye, Mike Stevens, Jane Frost CBE, Nikki Lavoie, Ray Poynter Futuring Friday – EMEA 2021