John Storey

AplusA Healthcare Research France


Business Unit Director, Pharma and Digital. Global Projects.

An International Consultant with a 40-year background in research and marketing.
Currently focusing on Pharma Medical Market Research in areas such as Oncology (cancer), Cardiology, General Medicines, Patient and Physician trackers and digital health. Originally from retail, pharmacy and client-side with Novartis Consumer Health and Abbott Pharmaceuticals in roles such as Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing and Research Director. John has lived and worked in and across Asia (South Korea, Philippines, Australia), the Middle East (UAE, Saudi) and Europe, managing worldwide global projects, including the South and North Americas. John also has experience across his long career in FMCG, Food, Technology, Online and Digital.
Cornish Londoner, married with 3 year old, living in Lyon France, Member of MRS (AdvCrt) and studied Social Sciences at Kingston/Westminster. Looking forward to being 60 years young!