Photo of John Whittle

John Whittle

Further UK


John is a sociologist, a researcher and a strategy consultant. Within Further he wears many hats, which include optimising, co-ordinating and conducting qual research for brands and agencies, developing Further’s research platform, and building out new consumer brand propositions alongside some of the world’s leading brand consultant’s. After working in the market research industry for a year, he was recently shortlisted in the finals of the AQR Qualitative Apprentice 2017.

Previously, having gained his PhD, John was a researcher at Loughborough University investigating gender, millennials, identity and digital practices. This included exploring the relationships between teenagers on social networking sites and the role of masculinity in social interactions. It also involved mapping out potential future landscapes for social technology.

When he’s not head down in work, you’ll find him focussed on his other passion – honing his athletic, gymnastic and lifting skills to win Crossfit competitions and helping others to achieve greater fitness.

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