Kim Smouter

Kim Smouter

ESOMAR Belgium


As Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards at ESOMAR, I am responsible for leading the business unit tasked with leading the global advocacy efforts of the World Association for Market, Opinion and Social research and data analytics. This has led to proven expertise in the field of digital economy, data protection and privacy (including as a certified ECPD-B Data Protection Officer), research and innovation, self-regulation and corporate social responsibility.

I guide the Government Affairs and Professional Standards Team to deliver its core services of policy advocacy, monitoring, as well as providing professional guidance to the sector and enforce its global self-regulation framework. Our remit is global, covering 130 countries. I hold responsibilities for setting strategy, leading the team to deliver upon it, and driving innovation by executing global advocacy, compliance, and professional development projects for the sector.

With 15+ years of accumulated experience working in Brussels, I have successfully worked in the European Parliament, a British regional office, and headed up the Brussels secretariat of a European civil society network covering most of the EU. I have contributed to a variety of policy agendas ranging from the equalities and social inclusion agenda, skills and employability, civil society, regional cohesion, privacy and data protection, and the SME agenda.

These roles have enabled me to demonstrate my entrepreneurial prowess, organisational management skills, as well as my ability to set and communicate a strategic vision, and deliver on it using my executive abilities. These roles have also allowed me to demonstrate my event organising, collaboration skills, and ability to bring teams together in common purpose.

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