Picture of Sarah de Caux

Sarah De Caux

Senior Research Director, Head of Spirit UK


Sarah heads up Spirit. As well as being responsible for leading our brilliant qual team, she’s very hands on with client work. She loves a challenging brief, a complex multi-layered mixed method project, and pulling different threads from all over the place to produce work which is commercially useful. She’s never happier than when she’s chatting through the insights at a workshop or debrief.

Sarah’s worked in research since 2002 and is still curious about people. Over the years she’s researched most areas (travel, retail, FMCG, shopper, food, media, utilities and financial services amongst others). In particular, she has a deep understanding of digital and its role in people’s lives. She is an experienced moderator, member of the Association for Qualitative Research, MRS and holds a CIM Professional Diploma.

Prior to working at Join the Dots, she worked at a research agency where she worked in both the UK and China.