Stephen Paton

BEyond Research Australia


Stephen is at the forefront of thinking on the client-side of research, and has driven significant change in the practice and use of research within client organisations, establishing and emphasising the importance and value of market research to the decision making process.

Stephen is experienced in using Behavioural Economics techniques to drive communications campaigns, digital and product  development, customer loyalty, satisfaction and service delivery. After experiencing the additional benefits provided when combining research techniques and methodologies with the latest findings and principals of Behavioural Economics he established a new consultancy ‘BEyond Research’ to share this knowledge.   

He is a regular speaker at conferences around the world, including BE talks for the MRA in Chicago,  the IIEX in Sydney and the AMSRS.  Stephen has also chaired both the ESOMAR APAC conference in Tokyo and the MRMW APAC conference in Kuala Lumpur.

He is an AMSRS Research Fellow and QPMR, contributing to the development of the research profession in Australia as leader of the Client Network Group, and as a member of both the RICA Client Advisory Board and AMSRS Victorian Committee.  He has also contributed to books and judged international papers on behalf of the world research body ESOMAR.

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