Using Digital Behavioural Data for Insights

Click here to access the slides Click here to access the slides   Transcript of recording with Mike Brown – generated automatically by HappyScribe which means it will be about 80% accurate – if you spot confusing errors, please email The timestamps are included to help you jump directly to a point of interest.   [00:00:08.840] – Mike Brown Hi there, I’m Mike Brown of Green Bird Consultants, and with a career spanning 35 years in market research, I’ve worked in a range of large research agencies as well as 12 years sky in a mix of production strategy and sales roles. The route I’ve taken is to operations from data collection by telephone, face to face and online into managing, cleaning and processing reporting data for insights. More recently at Cantal, my responsibility was looking to the horizon or methodology and technology for insights from Quick Turn Survey Solutions, video chat bots, behavioural data.   [00:00:49.560] – Mike Brown All were built and evaluated as being part of my role as director of technology and research in the Cantar Insights Division. I started Green Bird Consultancy in late 2019 to bring the range of skills to a wider […]