How much accidental MMR is happening?

At the moment I am working on two exciting projects with Navin Williams looking at mobile market research (MMR), a book and course – more on these soon. As part of these projects I have been taking another look at […]

When to randomise an answer list?

One of the questions I get asked fairly often is when should an answer list, in a survey, be randomised and when should it be presented in the same order to everybody. In my opinion, the key issue is to […]

What people want from NewMR?

At the moment, NewMR is running a survey asking the #NewMR community, amongst other things, what they would like to see us concentrate on in 2013. The survey is still running (if you have not given us your views yet […]

The Qualitative Deficit

Market research is being deluged with new sources of data, from social media, from electronic communications, and from research communities. Whilst some of this information is suitable for quantitative analysis, large parts of it are unstructured, for example tweets, posts, […]

2013 – Focusing on Asia Pacific

There are currently a wide range of discussions and blog posts talking about 2013 and beyond (you can join an interesting example in the #NewMR Linked group). In my opinion (and the opinion of plenty of other people too), 2013 […]