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Are you an expert in one or more of the following? Segmentation Conjoint Analysis Social Media Research Then we are looking to hear from you! I run a number of workshops, for example in November I am running workshops on Segmentation, Conjoint Analysis for the MRS, and contributing to another on Advanced Quantitative Research. (For information about MRS workshops click here). One of the most tricky and frequent questions I get asked is “Who is an expert in …?”, from people looking for a suppler. I am aware that I tend to go back to the same handful of names, mostly people I have worked with over the years. But this list is small, incomplete, and may not be fair to people who have come on the scene in the last few years. So, we at NewMR we are going to create an uncurated list of experts on NewMR. By uncurated I mean that we will not be validating the claims – however, we do expect to add a ‘Recommended by’ aspect to the list once it gets going. This is an experiment, and we may need to vary things as we go. Segmentation, Conjoint Analysis, and Social Media Research […]

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Supercharging the evolution of new market research – NewMR and GreebBook create a new strategic alliance

Since the arrival of online market research in the mid-1990s the speed of change in market research has been accelerating. In addition to online surveys and online qualitative research we have seen the ascendency of access panels, the arrival of social media research, growth in implicit and neuro approaches, and an avalanche of mobile approaches. In addition to the changes in techniques there has been a shift in how market research is seen, from a supplier of information towards a supplier of advice and becoming advocates on behalf of (and increasingly in collaboration with) customers and citizens. This period of rapid change has brought with it many benefits, many new options, and many new challenges. The challenges include: New competitors from outside market research Pressure for faster speeds and lower costs New privacy and informed consent issues Assessing the validity of new techniques Moving from data delivery to storytelling The need for new ways to create and sustain an insight community For the last few years #NewMR has been at the forefront of sharing and facilitating the growth of new market research ideas, through networking, virtual events, and the production of content designed to combine the best of the new […]

Laura Wolfs

#GenY writes about #GenY

Guest post by Laura Wolfs, from Point-Blank International. Laura Wolfs, Research Executive at Point-Blank International (PBI) in Berlin, co-authored the paper “Y Market Research” which she presented at this year’s Esomar Congress in Nice. It was, despite the authors being newbies in the industry, nominated as Best Overall Congress Paper and Best Methodological Paper. Here Laura shares with us some of her views on Generation Y, or Millenials, which anyone working with Generation Y should bare in mind. For a more detailed look on how these points relate back to hiring and keeping a GenYer. “Is there anything on your mind you’d like to share? Try Laura. Not just is she great listener, fascinated by other people’s stories and ideas, but she’s able to listen in 5 different languages, too – making her our most multilingual cultural translator. She’s a natural born organiser and structured thinker who likes to assess the big picture before tuning into the finer details. Her analytical and people skills aside, we at the PBI headquarters love Laura’s frighteningly great memory, amazing style and wonderful photographs.” #GenY writes about #GenY Articles and research on Generation Y tend to underwhelm me. They tell me, that I am part […]

Why mobile campaigns and advertising are underachieving and how to change it

Are mobile campaigns and advertising underachieving? At first glance things look great, the spend on mobile advertising has ballooned up to $19 billion in 2013, according to the IAB. The problem is the comparison between ad spend and mobiles share of media, mobile campaigns and advertising are way behind the use of mobiles in general and use of mobiles for media consumption in particular. In the US and UK about one-third of media consumption is now thought to be via mobile, but mobile ad spend is about 3% of the total – implying advertising is underachieving by a factor of about 10. Most new phones are smartphones, tablets sales are surpassing PC sales, the number of mobile devices is about 7 billion, which is the same as the number of people on the planet – this is the age of the mobile as far as the population is concerned. However, most mobile campaigns remain small and mostly uninspiring, often being little better than banners or pale imitations of online campaigns. There are exceptions, such as JackThreads (an app based campaign that used re-targeting and ads within other apps linked to their app activity) and Macy’s (using a word association mobile […]

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The Handbook of Mobile Market Research is available from a range of leading bookshops, including Amazon. You can download and read Chapter 8, Designing & Conducting Mobile Surveys by clicking on the image below. The book The Handbook of Mobile Market Research is published by Wiley and supported by ESOMAR. The book can be purchased from the Wiley and ESOMAR websites and leading bookstores, including: The book can be purchased as an eBook from a variety of sites including: Apple iBooks Google Play Accompanying Website We have produced a website to accompany the book. The website will contain addition case studies, research-on-research, and resources. Visit the website by clicking here.