Research Motivations and Engagement in an Online Era

Guest post from Paul Hudson of FlexMR. Paul Hudson, CEO & Founder of FlexMR, a research agency based in the UK. Paul has over eight years of market research experience. A regular guest speaker at AQR and ICG events, Paul is […]

The world is changing, so market research must change too

Market research is an applied discipline; its core purpose is to help organisations make better decisions. When the needs of the organisations change then market research needs to change to, to ensure it remains relevant. I’ve been involved in market […]

What’s special about Dub?

The post below is the result of a discussion between Ray Poynter from NewMR and Stephen Cribbett from Dub. Q: Can you describe Dub for me in 140 characters? A: We enable researchers, designers and strategists to use technology to better understand […]

The Long Survey Will Be Replaced By the Sparse Survey

Guest post by Jeffrey Henning. Jeffrey Henning, PRC, is president of Researchscape International. He is a Director at Large on the Marketing Research Institute International’s Board of Directors. You can follow him on Twitter @jhenning. Ray Poynter argues that the […]

Why do organisations conduct customer satisfaction research?

One of the great things about teaching an undergraduate course in market research is that it makes you re-visit fundamental questions, such as “Why do organisations conduct customer satisfaction research?” The flippant answer would be because a) everybody else does […]