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What does digital disruption mean for APAC in 2018?

Post by Sue York This is the theme of the upcoming MRMW APAC Conference, which is taking place in Singapore on 27 & 28 June 2018. Among the sessions I am particularly looking forward to are: • Driving micro moments with Pankaj Khushani from Google • The Robo Effect in Retail with Sourav Dutta from Target • How to win in a post Amazon world from Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis, Retail Doctor Group & Kate Richards, Lightspeed • VR and Neuro Research in Social Media with Martyn U’ren from Twitter • Connecting the Insight Function & Corporate Leadership with Rohan Mathur from Lego And of course, I am looking forward to the panel discussion that I’m facilitating on how the evolution of digital innovation in APAC is shaping future trends. If these highlights have captured your interest – you can check out the rest of the program by clicking here. One of the key features of this particular conference is the opportunity to view research innovations through the lens of Asia Pacific and see what is taking place in the region. With speakers from the insights industry from China, India, Australia and Singapore, it’s a good opportunity to see what research is […]

International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018 with NewMR & WIRe

Post by Sue York, 2 March, 2018 NewMR & Women in Research (WIRe) & Annie Pettit (@LoveStats) are joining forces in 2018 to promote the celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March. Inspired by the International Women’s Day theme #PressforProgress – NewMR and WIRe are launching a joint campaign to celebrate the contributions and achievements of women in market research and insights. We would like to highlight those who are pressing for progress either by championing the cause of gender parity in research or through the efforts and achievements of women. We hope that the campaign shines a light on all women who are pressing for progress in their own ways, particularly those whose efforts are not in the public eye. So, on International Women’s Day we are asking you to think about the women you know who make the market research and insights industry a better place through their contributions and efforts. Tag a colleague, client, friend or connection who you think deserves recognition on Twitter (and remember to add #NewMR, #mrx, #PressforProgress, #WIREHeroes) on 8 March and let’s celebrate together what we do each and every day and how great that is!

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We Love Starting a Conversation

Post by Sue York, 27 January, 2018 At NewMR we love starting a research conversation – that’s one of our main reasons for being – to encourage researchers to think and talk about research and how to move our methods, approaches and practices forward to better embrace the future. So I was delighted to see this follow up to our November New, But Not Tech! event (click here if you would like to listen to the presentation that sparked this follow up conversation or the rest of the event). What started the conversation? In our New! But Not Tech event Sue Bell was interviewed by Suzanne Burdon on “Sense-making – a challenge to behavioural insights” (click here to listen to the recording) and in the Q & A session following the presentation a question was asked – Is sense making an ethnographic technique? Sue and Charlie Cochrane continued their conversation on this after the event and Sue has kindly summarised the exchange on her blog Thanks for sharing Sue and Charlie!


MRMW in APAC – Summary by Stephen Paton

This is a guest blog post from Stephen Paton, Manager Insights AGL, who attended the recent MRMW Conference in Singapore. I was lucky enough to attend and present at the recent Merlien Institute’s Mobile Research Mobile World (MRMW) Asia Pacific conference in Singapore on March 10 -12 March. Singapore is a nice central place for an Asian conference and the venue at Grand Park City Hall was not only comfortable but close enough for me to do all the shopping I needed to do to keep the family happy on my return. The chance to visit Singapore is always attractive and obviously others agree with a large Aussie representation amongst the 17 countries represented from as far away as Europe, the UK and the USA. This being my first MRMW and not being very familiar with the format I arrived in the Lion City with no real expectations but hopeful of making new contacts, enjoying myself and learning something new. Let’s face it in this day and age we have so many options to learn at our desks when we make the commitment to attend a conference we need more than just the information. You come to a conference to […]

My first MR impressions: Where is the youth?

Guest post from Jack Ramsay, Creator of As a new face in market research – some would say a fresh face – I was flattered to be invited to write this blog post by Ray Poynter. What I’d like to share are my first impressions of this industry. And first of all, I’m going to be honest with you: I stumbled into Market Research. It’s a confession which I hope won’t lose me any respect, but it’s the truth and has motivated me to take the steps which I have done within the industry to date. My first impressions of Market Research were that of being overwhelmed. It was a steep learning curve. There were experienced heads everywhere I looked, professionals that been in the industry for years; masters of their craft, with limitless expertise. Another first impression was that of the distinct lack of young people in the industry, which led me to wonder how I could make a mark and why this was the case. I found reading white papers and industry related books only took me so far and frankly found the amount of information out there was hard to digest. No, the only way to […]

10 Reasons to buy ESOMAR’s new book

1 It’s not your classic textbook This book focusses on the questions that are part of the everyday practicalities of market research, the advice you don’t typically get from a textbook – the type of advice researchers would ideally have a mentor or more experienced colleague to ask – unfortunately not everyone has these support networks. 2 The contributors are practitioners The content has been prepared by a team of experienced researchers, so the advice is relevant for researchers who are talking to clients, writing proposals, managing projects, developing questionnaires, analysing data, reporting results, etc. 3 A great resource for the generalist or research all-rounder (Thanks to Sue Bell for emphasising this point.) Many conferences and events, social media forums, and journals focus on specialist areas. This book, doesn’t cover everything, but aims to give a solid grounding on the basics, written and reviewed by experienced market and social research industry heavy weights who know what you need to know. 4 A balance between traditional and new techniques The book covers the traditional areas – questionnaire design, qualitative, pricing research, B2B – as well as the emerging techniques, for example, communities and social media research. 5 A variety of views […]

Thoughts on Validity

Recently Kevin Gray asked, in the LinkedIn NewMR group, “When you hear a claim that a marketing research methodology is “valid”, what does that mean to you?” The question elicited a range of views and here is a tidied up version of my thoughts. My feeling is that we need to start not with science or the theory of research methodology (both passions of mine BTW), but with what the users of research want and need the research to deliver. I think that what a research user means by valid is that what the research tells her/him is true*, that the results do not exclude important information, and that the information useful. In my experience, much of the criticism of market research focuses on the second two criteria, i.e. that research does not include everything that the user needs to know and that the information is not sufficiently useful. Much of the drive towards new research (e.g. mass mobile ethnographics) is driven by a desire to produce findings that are more complete and more useful. The tests for qual and quant in terms of complete and useful are very similar. *The BIG problem with my definition is the reference to […]

Welcome back to the NewMR Blog!

The NewMR blog returns from its sabbatical today. We envisage that the blog will host a wide range of content, but it will be focused on the theme of NewMR. The NewMR blog will be a place where we can present more detailed thinking on industry and NewMR topics; complement our LinkedIn discussions; discuss themes and learnings from our events in more detail; and put forward provocative thoughts about where the industry is (or perhaps should) be going. We are interested in your thoughts on what you like to see in the NewMR blog and we are looking for guest bloggers. If you have specific suggestions about topics you think we should cover or if you would like to guest blog or contribute in any other way please let me know at