What are the top ten questions for Opinion Polling?

A new edition ESOMAR’s Answers to Contemporary Questions book is being produced, with three new chapters, International, Mobile, and Opinion Polling. This post is a shout out to crowd source the key questions for Opinion Polling. What do you think about? What do market researchers mean by an Opinion Poll? Who uses Opinion Polls? What other types of polls are there? What are the key requirements of an Opinion Poll? Why might two Opinion Polls sometimes give different results? Why do Opinion Polls sometimes cause public outcries? What information needs to be published with Opinion Poll results? Must all Opinion Polls be published? My client wishes to publish a statement which is not supported by the findings of the Opinion Poll, what do I do? How can I find out more about Opinion Polls? One of the things the chapter needs to do is to draw a distinction between something conducted according to the guidelines of the key associations, and the ‘voodoo polls’ that are popular on websites in the media.  

What are the key mobile market research questions?

In 2013, ESOMAR published Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions. A book which seeks to answer the questions that somebody new to a topic would often like to ask, but may be too embarrassed to ask. The book can be purchased from the ESOMAR website here. In 2014, new chapters are being added to the book, and one of the new chapters will be mobile market research. At this stage we are identifying the ten (approximately ten) questions that the chapter should answer. Below are our initial thoughts. Can I assume that my research can be conducted entirely via smartphones? What are feature phones and how are they used in mobile research? When should I use mobile only and when should I use mixed-mode research? What is a research app and when are they used? What is passive data collection? Does mobile research give the same answers as online research? What are the key uses of mobile in qualitative research? How is geolocation being used in mobile research? What are the key legal and ethical issues for mobile research? ? We would welcome your suggestions, for changes, additions, or deletions?

What are the Key Debates in Mobile Market Research?

I am involved in a new book, which we hope will be published early in 2014. As with The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research, I will be sharing the project with the #NewMR community and would hope to receive as much help and support as I received last time (all those who contributed are listed in the book). We should be able to publicise the publisher and the team shortly (final negotiations are taking place at the moment). The book will be informed by the work I have done with Navin William and Reg Baker to create a mobile marketing research course for the University of Georgia’s Principles of Marketing Research course – which will be available shortly. The first question So, here is our first question to the market research community. What are the key debates about mobile market research? My feeling is that the key debates in mobile market research are: How do clients move 20 to 30 minute tracking studies onto mobile devices? Closely followed by, what is the maximum length of a mobile interview? What sorts of techniques can’t be completed on a phone? Closely followed, by how do we adapt techniques that don’t […]