Looking Forward

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This two-webinar event looks at what’s happened in market research and insights in 2018, predictions for 2019, upcoming hot topics.

These webinars have been broadcast, the slides and recordings will be available soon.

Session 1, 10am London (6pm Singapore, 5am New York)
Chair: Sue York

Session 2, 10am New York (11pm Singapore, 3pm London)
Chair: Ray Poynter

Presentation Outlines

  • Naoki Takahashi, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, Japan,
    Defining the future role of client-side market research and insights
    The world is changing, we have more types of data, more suppliers of information, and business is moving at ever faster speeds. Client-side market research and insight teams need to adapt to these changes or they will become irrelevant. In this 30-minute session, Naoki Takahashi from Nissan will give a presentation on the issues and then Ray Poynter and Mr Takahashi will discuss the implications for client-side teams, before throwing the topic open to questions and suggestions from the audience.
  • Mike Stevens, What Next Strategy & Planning,
    Assisted Intelligence: how smart machines will turbocharge tomorrow’s researchers
    AI tools will help and augment researchers in the future – rather than replace them. But researchers will need to acquire new skills to make the most of this opportunity.  This presentation will look at several areas of research that will be impacted, with specific examples from today and a little speculation about tomorrow.
  • Kymberly Loeb & Sarah Jay, Acacia Avenue, UK,
    Looking back to look forward
    If public debate and media content is anything to go by, it certainly feels like we’re currently in the eye of the storm. But what is really going on here?
    In our webinar, we’ll explore the contributions evolutionary psychology can make to our understanding, predictions and influence on human behaviour, to answer this question. We will argue that many of the human behaviour frameworks upheld in our industry are out of date, and outline the 7 Fundamental Motives model as providing a more reliable understanding of the motivations that underpin what can seem like ever-fluctuating wants and needs.
    We’ll then take these learnings and discuss what they mean for research and marketing. We’ll present listeners with a toolkit with which to apply learnings from evolutionary psychology to navigate the current consumer context. Our audience will leave with a set of key principles to consider – and bucket loads of food for thought!
  • Ray Poynter, NewMR, UK,
    How to Assess Innovations in Market Research & Insights
    In this presentation Ray Poynter shares his appraoch to assessing new technologies and approaches. Using eight questions Ray shows how you can separate the chaff from the wheat and asess whether a new approach is likely to be a game-changer, a niche, or a dud.
  • Fiona Blades, MESH Experience, UK,
    The Future of Marketing is Experience Driven Marketing
    Fiona Blades shows why marketing needs to move away from talking about things to creating experiences.
  • Reg Baker, MRII, USA,
    The World We Have Lost
    Reg Baker looks back at the histroy of market research to assess the key challenges for today and tomorrow.
  • Kristi Zuhlke, KnowledgeHound, USA,
    Five consumer trends transforming the market research world.
    Kristi identifies trends from the wider world and then shows how they will imapct the world of market research.

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