How to search for insights in survey data

How To ...Webinar Thursday 25 June 2020

In this ‘How to’ webinar NewMR’s Ray Poynter and Infotools’ Geoff Lowe look at strategies for finding the story in survey data, and in particular that part of the process that focuses on searching a data set efficiently to identify the key findings, which will provide the building blocks for the story.

The presentation will show how to systematically use a ‘question and seek’ method to build insights. The webinar will start by looking at what can be achieved within the data collection tool (QuestionPro), then SPSS, and finally using some of the visual and labour-saving features offered by Infotools.

The webinar was broadcast twice on 25 June:

  • Europe, Middle-East and Africa – 10am London
  • Americas – 4pm New York

You can access the slides and recordings of the webinar by clicking here. Note, during the webinar the interactive section using Harmoni did not render very well, so we have included a separate, higher-resolution recording of that section.

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