Retirement is all different now

Road to the Next StepAgeing is going through big changes

A panel session looking at ageing populations & what the research is telling us.

25 August 2021 – 1 pm Bangkok, 2 pm Hong Kong, 3 pm Tokyo, 4 pm Sydney

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Back in the 1980s, retirement was talked about in some social research as the “period of waiting for death”. But in the 21st century, ageing populations and greater longevity and the problems of pandemics and shrinking birthrates and …. well you get it, retirement is being reconsidered. From Japan to Australia, and just about every other country in Asia, the fastest growing section of the population is the 60-75s.

So what will they do in building their new lives? How are they thinking of retirement or not? What do people expect?

Join our panel session that will look at ageing populations. We look at what the research is telling us about rethinking the fastest growth market in the world (yes the over 60s) and what are the frustrations in the research available.