The Future in Focus – November 2023

NewNMR Webinar
Monday 20 November, 2023
Live broadcast: 10am New York, 3pm London, 4pm Amsterdam

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Join our panel of experts as we explore:

  • Synthetic Data, what is it, and what are the issues and opportunities, what should we do next?
  • How should client insight teams be more efficient, more effective, and impactful in the rooms where the decisions are made?
  • What do experiments with avatars tell us about data collection, how should we conduct and interpret experiments, and what are the next steps?
Barry Jennings Alexandra Kuzmina Ray Poynter Headshot
Director, Cloud + Commercial
Business Planning
Insights at Microsoft
Futurist and Researcher
Research Worldwide

Founder & CEO
The Future Place
& NewMR


Our Panel

Barry Jennings
Barry is a research professional focused on communicating complexity with clarity and finding new ways to get value from data. Barry is the Director of Cloud and Commercial Business Planning Insights for Microsoft Customer and Market Research, and has more than three decades of experience in market research. He started in research while still in college as a telephone survey researcher and later worked on international technology brand-related market research at Millward Brown IntelliQuest.  He spent 18 years at Dell in research positions that covered almost every product the company produced.  Next, Barry moved into the mobile space by joining BlackBerry, where he was head of market research and competitive intelligence focused on business-to-business solutions. At Microsoft, Barry and his team deliver insights to drive the company’s cloud marketing and commercial business planning groups. Barry’s research focus includes cloud computing, data platforms, AI, development tools, and other enterprise solutions.

Alexandra Kuzmina
Alexandra is an award-winning, MRS-qualified mixed methods researcher, a futurist, and an early adopter of new technology. She holds an MA degree and has been trained in Behavioural Economics at MSc level. In her current role as an Innovation Consultant at the tech innovation team NOVA at MMR Research Worldwide, Alexandra explores, interprets, and road-tests new technology, software, hardware, techniques, and methodologies to ensure that they deliver value by making insights better, quicker, or cheaper.

Ray Poynter
Ray has spent the last 46 years at the intersection of research, innovation, and business, having been involved in the development of CAPI, online systems, online surveys, social media research and is now diving headlong into AI-enhanced research. Ray is the author of The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research & The Handbook of Mobile Market Research, the editor of ESOMAR’s book Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions, a content author for the Univerisity of Georgia’s Principles of Market Research course, and the founder of NewMR. Ray is a Fellow of the MRS and President of ESOMAR. When not involved in insights and research, Ray can usually be found running, often in ultramarathons. Ray’s mission is to help people, have fun, teach things, learn things, and hopefully make some money along the way.