NewMR AI Update – June 2024

Image portraying AI and change in 2024NewMR Webinar
Tuesday 25 June, 2024

For the rest of this year, we will be hosting a monthly AI-focused webinar to help you keep up with roller-coaster changes that are reshaping the world of insights and market research.

The webinar will comprise a Vendor Presentation, a discussion with key figures from the world of insights (clients and providers), and a presentation on a key topic.

Agenda, 25 June

  • Platform Showcase
    – (10 mins presentation & 10 mins Q&A) Andy Dexter & Andrew Jeavons
    Signoi is an AI firm that has developed a range of software to help research and marketing people make sense of unstructured data like images, video and text. The team’s latest venture is AI Bods – simulated audiences using Gen AI to help clients get the most out of their research and analysis investment. Our presentation will explain more about AI Bods, show how their output is validated against ‘real’ research, talk about use cases, and will include a short interactive demo.
    Click here to access the recording
  • Panel Conversation
    Key topics in AI
    , including ‘Identifying where AI truly adds value‘ and ‘The impact of AI on skills
    Panel members: Luisa Gibbons (Global Head of Innovation Strategy at MMR Research Worldwide), Sue York (Head of Training and Development) The Research Society) & Ray Poynter (Co-founder of NewMR)
    Click here to access the recording

Newsletter and Videos

AI and the NewMR Newsletter
NewMR has a weekly newsletter focusing on AI and its uses in insights and market research. Here is a link to a recent edition of the NewMR newsletter.

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NewMR’s YouTube AI Videos
Ray Poynter and NewMR have also created a Playlist of videos to help you get the most out of AI and from ChatGPT in particular.

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Jigsaw ModelDo you want to showcase your AI Platform?
We will have a showcase session in each of our AI webinars this year (see the schedule below).

This is a commercial proposition in that the fee of $1000 covers our costs and time in setting up the sessions. If you want to book a session, contact us – it is first come, first served.

You will have 10 mins to demo your system, then 10 minutes of Q&A.

The 2024 AI Update Series

  • Wednesday, 25 June
  • Monday 15 July

  • Tuesday 20 August

  • Friday 27 September

  • Tuesday, 22 October

  • Tuesday, 12 November

  • Thursday,  5 December