Photo of Vanessa Oshima

Vanessa Oshima

Heart Data Inc Japan


A New Zealand native, vanessa has worked in the field of research and innovation for over 15 years. Vanessa does not stand still and is always looking for ways to improve the status quo and move forward.   Vanessa constantly is seeking to understand and improve with her simple process of what do I know  – so what does that mean  – now what do I do? This has guided her to finding actionable insights and insight/data verified opportunities

Not just unafraid of exploring newer methodologies, but believes that it is needed in an effort to be ever better. Vanessa has a strong passion for the end to end process of research, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. From Discovery Research, early prototyping and finally launch she has worked through all the processes  and been involved with many successful launches. She has a passion for brands and the role they play in people’s lives. Her career has seen her work in insights and strategy teams, marketing and general management roles in Japan for some of the world’s most recognizable brands; Coca-Cola, Philip Morris and Nike and Starbucks.

She is  the founder of heart data inc, a marketing strategy company focused on putting the consumer at the heart of the data, creating strategies that are future forward and resonate with the consumer across emotional and functional needs.

In 2018 Vanessa was the Co-winner of the ESOMAR PAPER OF THE YEAR for her work on Brand Ikigai (unpacking brand longevity and loyalty).

She is also a keen marathon runner and advocate for supporting the fight against cancer. She has two sons and lives with her husband in Tokyo (and sometimes in the outskirts of Tokyo in a small town called Tateyama in Chiba).

Vanessa Oshima, Geoff Lowe, Navin Williams, Sue York, Ray Poynter Futuring Friday – APAC 2021