The Future of Market Research and Insights

The Future of Market Research and Insight

Two NewMR webinars, Monday 19 March 2018

Join us as we explore where market research and insight are going next, with cutting-edge presentations from clients, researchers, and supplier of the future.

Session 1, 10am London (Sydney 9pm, Mumbai 3:30pm, New York 6am) – Click here to register
Chair: Sue York

  • Melissa Gil, Credit Suisse, Personalization: Are You Willing to Change the Way Your Business Operates?
  • Barney Larkin, Further, Mapping Customer Journeys – The Right Way
  • Sue York, NewMR, Skills and Training – The Future of #MRX?

Session 2, 10am New York (London 2pm, Mumbai 7:30pm, Seattle 7am) – Click here to register
Chair: Ray Poynter

  • Scott Miller, Vision Critical,
  • Madhumita Chakraborty, PepsiCo
  • Holly DeMuro, Confirmit
  • Lenny Murphy, GreenBook/Gen2 Advisors, Follow the Money – what investments tell us about the future