MR – growing…growing…going…? – Nasir Khan

Post by Dr Nasir Khan, known on Twitter as @Banglaman, founder of Somra-MBL, Bangladesh. Buzz abounds on the MR industry’s future! Is it facing just threats, or fast becoming a ‘goner’? Interesting…An industry that has been doing SWOT analyses for […]

Opportunities and Threats for Market Research

To help celebrate the Festival of NewMR we are posting a series of blogs from market research thinkers and leaders from around the globe. These posts will be from some of the most senior figures in the industry to some […]

Should links open new windows?

This question of whether a link on a website should, when clicked, open a new browser window/tab or simply use the currently open window has been heavily debated elsewhere, but not so much within the insights world. Until relatively recently, […]

What I learned from the ICG Question Time

London, 14 November, 2013, the ICG (the Independent Consultants Group), held their fourth Question Time event, where five leading lights of the MR industry are invited to answer questions posed by ICG members and the audience. I had the honour […]

Only a ‘few’ new products can succeed each year

There seems to be broad agreement that in the large developed markets, for example the US, about 80% to 90% of new products fail. The definitions of success vary but they tend to centre around things like achieving good sales […]

Where does the inspiration for new market research come from?

As part of the preparation for the Festival of NewMR (2-6 December), we are running a study looking at the different sources of inspiration that contribute to market research thinking and innovation. The study is being supported, programmed, and fielded […]