MR – growing…growing…going…? – Nasir Khan

Post by Dr Nasir Khan, known on Twitter as @Banglaman, founder of Somra-MBL, Bangladesh. Buzz abounds on the MR industry’s future! Is it facing just threats, or fast becoming a ‘goner’? Interesting…An industry that has been doing SWOT analyses for commercial as well as social ventures, is doing its own SWOT now. The right thing to do! Many researchers think that the global MR industry has gone ‘berserk’, heading towards demise, while others feel it’s doing just fine, provided we think and see the big picture (big data included, pun intended), and accept change. As I write this blog, I am aware that, being a researcher in an emerging market, I ought to think and express my thoughts on MR SWOT from this market’s perspective. However, the more I think along this line and compare with what leading researchers from developed nations say on different platforms (ESOMAR events, NewMR webinars and podcasts, the GreenBook Blog, etc.), the more I am convinced that, due mainly to globalization, there’s hardly any difference between the state of affairs in the developed and developing world. True, more than ever before, MR is facing threats from within and without, but we need to think positive! […]

Opportunities and Threats for Market Research

To help celebrate the Festival of NewMR we are posting a series of blogs from market research thinkers and leaders from around the globe. These posts will be from some of the most senior figures in the industry to some of the newest entrants into the research world. A number of people have already agreed to post their thoughts, and the first will be posted later today. But, if you would like to share your thoughts, please feel free to submit a post. To submit a post, email a picture, bio, and 300 – 600 words on the theme of “Opportunities and Threats faced by Market Research” to Posts in this series The following posts have been received and posted: MR – growing…growing…going…? – Nasir Khan MR Threats and Opportunities from a People Perspective – Liz Norman Opportunities and threats facing the market research industry – David Smith It’s the Behavior, Stupid: What is the single biggest threat to market research? – Neil Gains Opportunities and Threats in Market Research – Hannah Mumby Threats and opportunities for Market Research: Market research, communicated… – Lucy Davison Opportunities and Threats in a Brave New Market Research World – Edward Appleton Opportunities […]

Should links open new windows?

This question of whether a link on a website should, when clicked, open a new browser window/tab or simply use the currently open window has been heavily debated elsewhere, but not so much within the insights world. Until relatively recently, the general advice was to open external links in a new browser window or tab, for example by using the target=”_blank” instruction the HTML. However, more recently a well-informed, vocal, and at times vitriolic group of the digerati have been pushing for a change, suggesting that external links should show their content in the current browser window. The case for NOT opening a new window The alternative to opening a new window when somebody clicks on an external link (like this link [] to an article on this topic elsewhere), is to use the current window/tab to show the new location. There are broadly three advantages to NOT opening a new window/tab: Opening in the same window puts the user in charge, rather than letting the content provider influence the choice. If the user wants to use a new window or tab, they can right-click (or similar on non-windows devices) and select “Open in new window” or “Open in new […]

Where do the new ideas for market research approaches come from?

UPDATE – 3 Jan 2014 The survey has closed. You can see the recording of Andrew Jeavons presenting the results (and download a copy of his slides) via NewMR’s Play Again, and you can read a great summary of the results from Jeffrey Henning on the Research Access site. Following the discussion about the source of market research inspiration, we have launched our survey to investigate the sources of the ideas for new market research ideas and approaches. To take the survey, click this link.  The project has been sponsored and facilitated by one of the Festival of NewMR’s Gold Sponsors, Survey Analytics, who will present the results at the Festival of NewMR on December 4th. The project is being run in partnership with our media partner, GreenBook. To see the current status report for this project click this link or the image below.

What I learned from the ICG Question Time

London, 14 November, 2013, the ICG (the Independent Consultants Group), held their fourth Question Time event, where five leading lights of the MR industry are invited to answer questions posed by ICG members and the audience. I had the honour to be the chair of the session, and to ask the five luminaries the questions. The five panel members were (quoting their description on the ICG site): Ken Parker, AQR Chairman; founder – Discovery Research; sports research expert and football fanatic Becky Rowe, MD of ESRO; an award-winning researcher for NHS ethnography work Paul Edwards , Chief Strategy Officer, Hall & Partners; vastly experienced industry leader and ad planner Janet Kiddle, Founder: Steel Magnolia and long-time ICG member; ex MD of TRBI Mike Barnes, Consultant; ex Head of Research, RBS As ever the session was a social success with lots of networking and discussion, including a chance for me to hear about Dinko Svetopetic’s success in promoting Insight Communities in Poland via his company MRevolution. But, what I wanted to post here were my key takeaways from the session. Big Data is the topic of the moment. However, the general view is that Big Data is making relatively slow progress […]

Only a ‘few’ new products can succeed each year

There seems to be broad agreement that in the large developed markets, for example the US, about 80% to 90% of new products fail. The definitions of success vary but they tend to centre around things like achieving good sales and distribution in year 2. The key point about new products is that there is a relatively absolute limit to how many products can be successful in a given year and there is no, practical, limit to the number of new products that can be launched. The reasons for this are covered below in this post, but the consequence of a relatively fixed number of successes and a growing number of new products is a declining success rate for products. Behavioural Economics and New Products One of the things we have been reminded of by the likes of Daniel Kahneman and Dan Ariely is that making choices takes effort, changing behaviour takes effort, and the energy for these choices and changes is in limited supply. Consider products like your regular/normal brand of coffee, detergent, or toothpaste, changing requires a decision, not changing simply requires the heuristics of repeat behaviour. Households don’t buy an endless supply of brands/products In ‘Differentiate or […]

Where does the inspiration for new market research come from?

As part of the preparation for the Festival of NewMR (2-6 December), we are running a study looking at the different sources of inspiration that contribute to market research thinking and innovation. The study is being supported, programmed, and fielded by Festival Gold Sponsor Survey Analytics. Being co-creational by nature, and given that there is no good current research to ‘borrow from’, the draft questions are set out below in this post – or you can downloaded it from here. We’d love to hear your suggestions. We are aiming to program the study Saturday 9th November, so suggestions before then would be greatly appreciated. Draft Survey What are the sources of market research inspiration? This short survey has been sponsored and programmed by Survey Analytics, a Gold Sponsor of The Festival of NewMR 2013. The study looks into the places where market research draws its ideas and inspiration. The results will be presented at the Main Stage of the Festival and published via the NewMR website. This study is purely about your opinions, there are no right and wrong answers, which is why there are no ‘don’t know’s. Nobody ‘knows’, we want opinions. We are going to start the study […]