The Secrets of Effective Presentations

Quite often when people talk about presentations they talk about the need to be engaging, amusing, and informative, or they talk about the need to use storytelling, visualisation, and performance skills. Whilst all of these have their place, for market […]

Key learnings from the European IIeX

I’ve just spent two days at IIeX in Amsterdam, and had the pleasure of being a co-chair for the event. IIeX was a great success and I think the event has several lessons for other events (including my own NewMR […]

The Strengths and Limitations of Research-on-Research

As part of writing our new book on Mobile Market Research (which should be available in September) I have been reading a lot of research-on-research (RoR) related to mobile studies. RoR can provide insights into whether a research technique works […]

BRC Customer Insight Conference – London

Today I attended the BRC Consumer Insight Conference in London as was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the event and the speakers. Here are a few notes I jotted down during the day. Peter Williams, former CEO of […]

Ask, Measure, Learn – Lutz Finger and Soumitra Dutta

I’ve just finished reading this book and I would strongly recommend it to anybody seeking to understand the methods and challenges of measuring phenomena in social media. The book is probably stronger on talking about things that don’t work, as […]

Does influence exist, or is it homophily?

Posted by Ray Poynter, 7 February 2014 One of the growth areas over the last few years has been in the interest in influence marketing, with books such as “The Influentials: One American in Ten Tells the Other Nine How […]

What are the top ten questions for Opinion Polling?

A new edition ESOMAR’s Answers to Contemporary Questions book is being produced, with three new chapters, International, Mobile, and Opinion Polling. This post is a shout out to crowd source the key questions for Opinion Polling. What do you think […]