Social Media in 2015 – Collaboration Invitation

Social Media in 2015 – a collaborative review This post announces a collaborative review of social media research and it is also an open invitation for people and organisations to take part. Objective To examine and highlight the benefits that […]

Market Research in the Time of VUCA

VUCA is a term that we are going here a lot over the next few years, it is a term that goes to the heart of paradigm shifts in the world that require changes in how we deal with our […]

What are the key MR Buzzwords for 2015?

In a recent NewMR LinkedIn conversation I asked what people thought the MR buzzwords for 2015 will be. This generated a great debate with 64 comments to date. This post is a review of the comments and some thoughts about […]

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Growth Hacking 101

“Growth hacking” is a new term for most in the marketing measurement space but a long held practice among the best marketers and product managers in Silicon Valley. Although market researchers today are awash with data, we rarely use it […]

Do you understand device agnostic research?

Most people seem to accept that about one-third of people who take online surveys are attempting to do so using a mobile device, mostly smartphones, tablets, and phablets. Consequently, the market research industry has started talking about the need to […]