What’s special about RIWI?

The post below is the result of a discussion between Ray Poynter from NewMR and Eric Meerkamper from RIWI.   Q:   Can you describe RIWI for me in 140 characters? A:    RIWI is a global survey technology and risk measurement company […]

Futures Festival by BAQMaR on November 24 in Ghent, Belgium

Guest post by Tom de Ruyck of InSites Consulting and Belgian research association BAQMaR. Discover the different Futures of Market Research, Marketing & Business in one day! Learn, network, play, discuss… and go home with a fresh view on Your Future! […]

The story of the timetable that wanted to be an itinerary

Most of the timetables in the station office were happy to be timetables. They prided themselves on being comprehensive, on being up-to-date, and easy to read. They worked hard to add symbols for things like buffet cars, cycle racks, and […]