Artificial Intelligence

Will AI Steal Our Jobs?

At every event I go to, I hear, at some stage in the discussion, ‘Will AI steal our jobs?” So, here are my thoughts about that question and my views on the prospects for people working in the insights and research industry.

Well, the short answer is yes, but maybe not before you change role, retire, or retrain.


ESOMAR Elections for Council and President

As you may have heard, ESOMAR is re-running the elections for President and Council, following irregularities with the process last time. The voting will run from Thursday, 23 February to Friday, 10 March. The new team will take office on 1 April 2023. Here are messages from the three candidates for President.

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ChatGPT is ushering in Research 3, but what is Research 3?

For the last year, interest in the Metaverse and Web 3 has been booming, with articles, conferences and new products emerging left, right, and centre. If you want a primer on the Metaverse and Web 3 – then I recommend checking out the ASC Conference from November 22. All of the presentations are available via their YouTube channel to watch for free.

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Research and Insights in 2023 – Ray’s Predictions

I spend quite a bit of my year consulting with organizations about the future and helping with a wide range of projects that try to assess current trends and future possibilities. Here are my thoughts about ‘where we are right now’ and where things might be heading in 2023 and beyond. Where are we now?
Before I consult with people about where we are going, I always start with ‘where are we now’. Without knowing where we are, it is highly improbable that we will know where we are heading and how to handle it.

Word Cloud of best things in 2022

A letter to Santa from five countries analyzed using World Cloud Plus

In December, we launched a study using our Fastuna platform in 5 countries: USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Brazil. In each country, we asked 100 people about their happiest moment this year, and what they would ask Santa for. The people spoke and we translated their open-ended answers into a word cloud using World Cloud Plus – a new brainchild of Ray and William Poynter.

Question 1: Think back to your 2022. What is the most beautiful thing that happened to you personally?

“Coming to realization how important family really is” Female, 55

Word Cloud

What makes a great presenter? Analysis via Word Cloud Plus

NewMR and The Future Place have recently launched the first iteration of Word Cloud Plus – a better way to create word clouds. In this post, I show how I am using Word Cloud Plus to look at open-ended comments from surveys.

The data for this example comes from a project run by NewMR a few years ago and relate to the elements that people felt contributed to a good presentation.

Word Cloud

A new way to produce Word Clouds – Word Cloud Plus (BETA)

With William Poynter, I have been developing a better way to create word clouds. It is now in open BETA and we are looking for as many people as possible to give it a try and to send us some feedback. You can try our BETA version of Word Cloud Plus at