The Automation Debate – Opportunities and Threats

Image representing Artificial Intelligence and humanityTuesday, 28 February, 2017

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Earlier this year Ray Poynter and Lenny Murphy published a report on Automation and its impact on market research (click here to download a copy). The thrust of that report was pretty positive for the industry (but perhaps not for everybody in the industry). However, there are other points of view and that is what we plan to explore in this panel discussion.

The two moderators for the session are Ray Poynter and John Griffiths and along with their guests they will explore both the opportunities and threats posed by automation in market research.

Photo of Ray Poynter Ray Poynter
NewMR & The Future Place
Photo of John Griffiths John Griffiths
Planning Above and Beyond
Rachel Lawes Rachel Lawes
Rachel Lawes Consulting
Photo of Stephen Phillips Stephen Phillips
Fiona Blades Fiona Blades
MESH Experience
Photograph of Natalie Geddes Natalie Geddes
ABA Research

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