Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips

ZappiStore UK


Stephen Philips is the CEO of ZappiStore and Chairman of Tonic Insight. His passion is understanding consumer motivation and behaviour and using this insight to power brands. His recent focus is on using technology to make this happen faster, better and cheaper than ever before. 

He has lived in and worked across 4 continents and continues to focus on international research. His work on Consumer Purchase Journeys has won multiple awards and he is a regular speaker on this topic at industry events. He has also become a devotee of Behavioural Economics and his work on the impact this thinking has on market research won the ESOMAR Best Paper award in 2011. He has also won the ‘Best New Thinking’ award at the MRS Conference, is a recipient of both the ARF Great Minds certificate and the industries Innovation award. 

Stephen is a member of The Supper Club and prior to creating ZappiStore, he had been a Partner at Tuned In Research and served as the Chief Happiness Officer at Spring Research.

Twitter: @ZappiStore