Festival of NewMR 2018

Fairground Ride5 to 9 February 2018

Start 2018 by boosting your skills and knowledge. The Festival of NewMR is a five-day series of webinars where leading experts and new faces share new thinking about market research and insights.

You, your staff, your clients, and your colleagues can tune in (for free) and find out about the key themes that are going to shape market research in 2018. You can listen to the webinars live (and take part in the Q&A with each speaker), or you can register and listen again later via our Play Again page.

The Festival has now finished the key events during the week were:

  • Atlantic Monday, 5 February. Session included: Annie Pettit talking about how you too can write and publish a book – and the benefits it brings. Other speakers included Enrico Codogno, Baillie Buchanan, Karina Besprosvan and Ray Poynter. The slides and recordings are available from our Play Again page.
  • APAC Tuesday, 6 February. Session included: Peter Harris and Ying Xin describing the future of customer relationships, based on a wide review of the APAC region. Other speakers included: Manisha Dikshit, Becki Southern, Emma Gillingham and Ajay Chourasia.
  • Americas Wednesday, 7 February. Session included: Betty Adamou and Paul McGhie showing how data caricatures and can enable you to re-think data visualization. Other speakers included: Katrina Noelle, Janet Standen, Steve Needel, Zach Simmons and Anije Lambert
  • EMEA Thursday, 8 February. Session included: Tom De Ruyck revealing what clients want from market research. Other speakers included: Neil Gains, Jeremy Hollow, Dr Marie-Claude Gervais, Alexandru Dincovici and Martina Olbertova.
  • Building a Personal Brand, Friday 9 February. You are a brand! In this webinar Ray Poynter and Sue York show how you can leverage a variety of tools to create, develop and utilize a personal brand.
  • Futuring Friday, 9 February. A panel discussion with Kristin Luck, Gregg Archibald, Melanie Courtright & Ray Poynter,