Festival of NewMR 2018

Call for speakers Festival of NewMR 2018

5 to 9 February 2018

The Festival of NewMR is a virtual event with webinars and events each day of the week.

The sessions are:

  • Atlantic Monday, 5 February, starts New York 10am (London 3pm / Sydney 2am next day)
  • APAC Tuesday, 6 February, starts Sydney 3pm (London 4am / New York 11pm previous day)
  • Americas Wednesday, 7 February, starts New York midday (London 5pm / Sydney 4am next day)
  • EMEA Thursday, 8 February, starts 10am London (New York 5am / Sydney 9pm)
  • Futuring Friday, 9 February – a panel discussion with Kristin Luck, Lenny Murphy, Melanie Courtright & Ray Poynter, starts New York midday (London 5pm / Sydney 4am next day)

Would you like to speak at this event? We are looking for speakers for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Here is the process of submitting and speaking:

  1. Click the link below to use the online form and submit your proposal to speak, before October 31.
  2. We will review all the proposals and let everybody know by mid-November.
  3. The successful speakers will then be sent a schedule for the process, which includes the date for submitting your presentation and full rehearsal/recording prior to the Festival.
  4. New Speaker? We are looking for some speakers who have never presented online before, and we have earmarked some five-minute slots for new speakers. When you fill the speaking form in, just let us know you are interested in a New Speaker slot.
  5. All of the speaking slots are up to  5 or 15 minutes long. The five-minute slots have been reserved for new speakers, the 15-minute slots are available for established or new speakers.

Click here to submit a proposal to speak.

Some background information about The Festival of NewMR
For those wanting a bit more guidance about the event, here are some key pointers:

  • Suitable topics? The only unifying theme is New, which can, of course, mean technology, but it can also be new thinking, new answers, new problems, new thoughts about the future etc.
  • Your presentation does not need to be ‘new’ in the sense that nobody has ever seen it before, NewMR is a great way to reach additional audiences. Too many good presentations are shown once, to one audience, and then put back on the shelf.
  • There are two presentation formats, the regular 15 minute slot (followed by 5 mins of Q&A), and 5 minute slots for presenters who have not presented before. Note, presenters who have not presented before are welcome to try for a 15 minute slot.
  • In terms of audience, we would expect about 200 people to register for each of the 5 webinars, about 30% will listen live, with a larger number accessing the slides and recordings later. About 50% of our audience tends to be from the USA/UK – although for the APAC Tuesday session the proportion from USA/UK will be lower. About 60% of the audience are from market research agencies, with the rest coming from clientside, academia, suppliers to the research industry, journalists etc.
  • Note, all presenters will attend a full rehearsal session, where we record the presentation, prior to the live event.