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Chair: Ray Poynter

Photo of Annie PettitAnnie Pettit
Annie Pettit Consulting
Book it! An enlightening path to your personal brand

Photo of Enrico CodognoEnrico Codogno
Customer Foresight
The Method is the Message: Setting the Table for Change

Photo of Baillie BuchananBaillie Buchanan
Research for Good
When to DIY Your Sample Buy and Why

Photo of Karina BesprosvanKarina Besprosvan
Eye on Media
Gen Z #NewruleZ

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Presentation Outlines

  • Annie Pettit, Annie Pettit Consulting
    Book it! An enlightening path to your personal brand
    It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a researcher for three years or thirty years, the best time to start writing a book is yesterday. Join in to hear how writing a book can be a great tool for anyone wanting to build their personal brand and become known as the expert in their field. And, get some useful tips on how to make it actually happen.
  • Enrico Codogno, Customer Foresight
    The Method is the Message: Setting the Table for Change
    Nobody likes to hear bad news. The bearer of bad news gets the blame. The hearers of bad news give no credence to the presenter and don’t want to accept ownership of the problem.The biggest challenge a researcher can face is presenting findings that challenge the long-established assumptions of a client company. Perhaps the research uncovers a weakness in the client’s offering – weakness that has been identified and exploited by a competitor. The research also shows that the client’s own customers are aware of the weakness and have become frustrated by it.How should such findings be presented without losing the audience?
    Can the message be put forward in such a way that prompts the audience to take ownership of the problem and develop solutions that beneficial to their company, their clients and to their entire business sector.This session will provide a real-world example of how a global company was presented with research findings that challenged its view of its products and the company’s position within its industry. The session will seek to demonstrate that how a dilemma is defined and presented plays an important role in winning over the audience and the development of creative solutions.
  • Baillie Buchanan, Research for Good
    When to DIY Your Sample Buy and Why
    Around every corner is a new DIY sample buying solution. With this proliferation of tools one would think DIY is the way of the future for everyone. Though DIY is a viable option for some researchers to gain control, efficiency and cost benefits, it’s also not for everyone. We’ll give you the tips you need to understand whether DIY sample buying is right for you, and how to vet the DIY solutions available today. Don’t miss this quick webinar which will leave you with an actionable checklist for making the right decision as you consider changing your sample buying practices.
  • Karina BesprosvanEye on Media
    Gen Z #NewruleZ: How to follow generation Z storytelling while using MIM (mobile instant messaging) platforms.
    Gen Z has disrupted traditional communication levels. From social to brands relationships, our way to interact with others had evolved to “micro opportunities” to connect, engage and react. With the overload and availability of multiple channels 24/7 to establish conversations, it becomes vital to understand common patterns of usage of emerging platforms together with their emotional and attention levels. The main focus of the study is to bring information in the area of communication. Are we as society entering a new model of interacting with others, where messaging is the new voice? How this new generation z is turning their attention and engagement levels, where, when and for how long are paying attention to the content they are consuming through their mobiles? What are the main differences among contents and type of interactions. And finally what are main tips for brands, organizations and communities to interact with this upcoming new ruleZ.

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