The Future of Market Research and Insights

The Future of Market ResearchJoin us as we explore where market research and insight are going next, with cutting-edge presentations from clients, researchers, and supplier of the future.

Session 1, 10am London (Sydney 9pm, Mumbai 3:30pm, New York 6am) – Click here to register
Chair: Sue York

  • Melissa Gil, Credit Suisse, Personalization: Are You Willing to Change the Way Your Business Operates?
  • Stephen Cribbett, Further, discusses the Future of Market Research with Sue York
  • Sue York, NewMR, Skills and Training – The Future of #MRX?
  • Ray Poynter, NewMR, Blockchain and Market Research: Boom or Bogus?

Session 2, 10am New York (London 2pm, Mumbai 7:30pm, Seattle 7am) – Click here to register
Chair: Ray Poynter

  • Scott Miller, Vision Critical, Turning Research into Relationships
  • Madhumita Chakraborty, PepsiCo, discusses the Future of Market Research with Ray Poynter
  • Holly Carter, Confirmit, The Future of MR: Automation
  • Lenny Murphy, GreenBook/Gen2 Advisors, Follow the Money – what investments tell us about the future