Raúl Gordo headshot

Raúl Gordo

Omnicom Media Group Spain


Raúl is the Custom Research Director at the Omnicom Media Group.

Before joining Omnicom, Raúl developed his career in some of the main research agencies. Working at companies like GFK, Millward Brown or Ipsos has provided him with the opportunity of working for many different brands, and with a wide variety of research methodologies. Throughout the last few years in research companies Raúl focused on advertising research, this interest in advertising and media research led him to joining Omnicom Media Group in 2010. His mission is to strengthen the research capabilities of the company and its customers.

Raúl Gordo Breaking the boundaries of product category in the analysis of brand positioning
Ioana Nitulescu, Raúl Gordo, Joaquim Bretcha Boix, Ray Poynter, Sue York Utilising digital behavioural data to improve tracking studies