Shobha Prasad

Shobha Prasad

Drshti Strategic Research Services & SHOBSERVATORY India


Director, Drshti Research, Mumbai


Shobha Prasad has over two decades in research and advertising and is a Founder-Director of Drshti, a full service marketing research agency based out of Mumbai, India. She works with leading Indian companies and multinationals across a range of categories. Her experience set includes also advertising and a brush with film, video journalism and music.

She is a well known speaker at ESOMAR conferences, and has won multiple awards for her papers such as the “Theory of Multiple Poverty Lines” which discusses the psychology of poverty,  the “Power of the Dark Side” which discusses the impact of deeper passions in motivating behaviour, and on the “Change-Constancy Conflict”. She was a keynote speaker at the AMSRS Annual Conference at Melbourne in 2017, and has been part of the panel of judges at conferences organised by MRSI in India.

Her other avatar is as Chief ShObserver of SHOBSERVATORY, where she conceptualises, creates and regularly posts cartoons on research and researchers, marketers, consumers and anything that tickles her fancy.

She has a regular bi-monthly cartoon column “SHOBSERVATORY Research Chronicles” on Research World published by ESOMAR.

SHOBSERVATORY is on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook and at

She sees herself as an observer of societies, is fascinated with people and the unique model each one follows to tackle the daily madness that we call life. Currently in pursuit of an integrated theory of everything.

Twitter: @shobhap

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