Artificial Intelligence and MR

Image of cyborgThis two-webinar event will look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats offered by AI – looking specifically at the area of market research.

The event will be broadcast as two webinars on Friday, 22 September, 2017:

  1. 10am London (11am Paris)
  2. 10am New York (3pm London)

Call for speakers:
If you would like to present at this conference please send us your suggestion by end of day May 31. Note, we anticipate that all the presentations will be 15 minutes in duration, plus 5 mins for Q&A. Note, all presentations are via GoToWebinar – this is a virtual event.

Email your suggestion to, telling us

  • Your name and company
  • Title of your presentation
  • 50 to 100 word description of your presentation
  • Which session you want to present in (10am London, 10am New York, or either)

We hope to let people know if they have been successful by end of day 9 June.

If you are successful the schedule is:

  • 16 June – Send speaker details (name, photo, bio) and updated synopsis of the presentation
  • 28 August – Send presentation for review and comments
  • 4 – 18 September – Rehearsals, we record a full rehearsal in advance
  • 22 September – Broadcast
  • 27 September – Slides and recording posted on the NewMR website, YouTube, and SlideShare