Festival of NewMR 2019

Festival of NewMR Logo4 to 8 March 2019

Start 2019 by boosting your skills and knowledge. The Festival of NewMR is a five-day series of webinars where leading experts and new faces share new thinking about market research and insights.

You, your staff, your clients, and your colleagues can tune in (for free) and find out about the key themes that are going to shape market research in 2019. You can listen to the webinars live (and take part in the Q&A with the speakers), or you can register and listen again later via our Play Again page.

This year’s sessions are:

  • Atlantic Monday – 10am New York (3pm UK, 8:30pm New Delhi)
  • EMEA Tuesday – 10am London (6pm Singapore, 3:30pm New Delhi)
  • Trending Tuesday – 10am New York (3pm UK, 8:30pm New Delhi)
  • APAC Wednesday – 10am Sydney (Midday Auckland, 3pm Seattle the day before)
  • Americas Thursday – Midday New York (9am Seattle, 5pm London)
  • International Women’s Day, Friday – 10am New York (3pm UK, 8:30pm New Delhi)

The speakers have been selected and the programme for the Festival will be published shortly.