Betty Adamou

Betty Adamou

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Betty is the inventor of ResearchGames™, CEO & Founder of Research Through Gaming, and author of industry acclaimed book ‘Games and Gamification in Market Research’ (Kogan Page, 2019). Her book is being translated to Portuguese in late 2020, and Spanish in 2021.

Betty is an in-demand ‘Serious Games’ and gamification designer, and regularly works on behalf of Fortune 500 brands, charities, and agencies where she creates engaging and data-driven games to solve commercial problems, and create high levels of user engagement.

Her Serious Games have been played by tens of thousands of people worldwide, and to great user feedback.

Betty has been named “1 of 7 women shaping the future of market research”, a ‘revolutionary’, a ‘pioneer’, and has won multiple awards for her work including the NGMR Disruptive Innovation Award, and Enfield (London) Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She has been interviewed by publications globally on her innovative approach to research through using games – most recently on BBC radio in the UK.

More recently, Adamou has become a Columnist for ESOMAR’s Research World magazine; where she explores the impact of Serious Games and Gamification in multiple industries through her column ‘How Games are Changing the World’.

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