Laura Bright

Laura Bright

Independent Consultant in market research and marketing strategy Mexico


Laura’s experience spans advertising and research agencies, as well as from the brand owner perspective, relishing in the intersection of the different focuses. As a school girl she found powerful insight in [her own] survey findings & learned the fun of identifying patterns in sales data.  And thus a natural born researcher went on to learn the ropes so she could continue to drive similar changes, assured from her early experience that influence was possible if you asked the right questions and listened carefully. Now she is called upon to advise on many facets of marketing, strategy and innovation throughout the Americas.

Laura’s path started in Mexico, where she currently resides, and quickly spread throughout Latin America, eventually to USA, & into global roles, leveraging her uniqueness to explain the landscape, add fresh perspective, and spotlight both similarities and distinctive aspects to promote in improving performance. She pulls from an array of qual & quant research methodologies to measure and understand past, present, and future, and particularly enjoys when new hot spots are illuminated. She draws upon her experience in the C-suite, having led business units, directed customer service & analytics, sales, and operations, and led diverse talent teams in overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

Laura Bright uses her brightness to dazzle clients with the connection between numbers, people, and processes to stimulate change and growth.  Simplifying complexity, understanding the underlying needs, adapting to the urgency, building on what’s working, are some of the ways Laura helps her clients understand where the opportunities lie. Drawing on a background with both challenger & leading brands, and advising intrepid entrepreneurs, Laura brings success to those pushing beyond the status quo.

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