Festival of NewMR 2017 – Atlantic Monday

AmericasMonday, 27 February, 2017

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Session Chair Ray Poynter

Photo of Greta Baisch Greta Baisch & Yini Guo,
Moments That Matter: Digital Twists to Classic Rituals as People Go Mobile
Photo of Yini Guo

Photo of Matilda Andersson Matilda Andersson,
Head of Insight & Innovation, Crowd DNA,
A picture paints: understanding visual culture

Photo of Carley Fain Carley Fain,
Director of Client Excellence, ZappiStore,
Don’t be too busy to learn the wheel

Being a start up in…

This session includes three market research start ups from different countries with presenters sharing experiences and tips, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Ray Poynter.

Photo of Anije Lambert Photo of Remon Geyser Photo of Adina Nica
Anije Lambert,
Founder, PDC Research,
Being a Start up in Guyana  
Remon Geyser,
Co-Founder, Delvv.io,
Being a Start up in South Africa  
Adina Nica,
Research Manager, Open-I Research
Being a Start up in Romania


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Descriptions of the Presentations

  • Greta Baisch and Yini Guo, Moments That Matter: Digital Twists to Classic Rituals as People Go Mobile, This research provides new angles to traditional audience research as consumers shift to mobile. It brings to life the emerging rituals of life moments through analysis of Facebook and Instagram data. We focused on people who recently got married, broke up or celebrated a (milestone) birthdays and found: 1) Life events are celebrated in many ways on Facebook and Instagram.E.g. 50% of Facebook newlyweds in 2015 announced their engagement within 48 hours. 2) New digital, mobile and social rituals are emerging, which will eventually become a part of the memories of major life moments. E.g. 25% of newlyweds on Instagram used a personalized wedding hashtag. E.g. The weeks before and after break up mark more Facebook and Instagram usage and more Facebook Event activity. 3) Purchase behavior changes around special moments in people’s lives, signaling a great opportunity for advertisers to target. E.g. Facebook sees retail purchases made across mobile and desktop increase by 3X in the 3 months leading up to the wedding.
  • Matilda Andersson, A picture paints: understanding visual culture, We’ll be taking a look at how visual platforms and new ways of analysing images help us gain a deeper understanding of consumer culture. More photos were produced in the past year than ever before in history, and images, videos, emojis and GIFS are becoming the cornerstone of language, changing the way we process, navigate and think about the world. We’ll discuss how best to go about using social platforms and visual analysis to make sense of it all, and ultimately how brands can create impact from visual insights.
  • Carley Fain,  Don’t be too busy to learn the wheel, All too often we postpone and put off external meetings because we’re too busy trying to finish off work we believe should be our priority at that moment in time. But what if that meeting will teach you something which would finish that pending project in half the time it would normally take you?This presentation will discuss the importance of taking time out from the day to day to learn. And how as suppliers, we can help and support our clients to do this.

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