Shirley Eadie – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

‘A Love Letter to ESOMAR…from Africa’ Dear ESOMAR Africa loves you. Research on the African continent is getting better and more affordable every year, and we’d like to learn more from the international research community and do our part to help drive and improve market research globally, sharing the uniquely creative research approaches we’re taking here. Yes, market research in Africa can be tough at times. Spotty infrastructure, limited PC penetration and limited internet access, are challenges we have to find solutions to every day. This is precisely why we’re embracing technology in new and innovative ways. Our continent has embraced the mobile revolution. We use mobile phones to do just about everything we can think of. In mobile banking, we’re leading the world by leapfrogging older technology. Mobile research is a leading global trend and Africa, which has to contend with both feature phones and smartphones, is forging forward with new and interesting solutions. We’ve got a lot to offer ESOMAR. Africa represents the new, not the traditional. We’ve got a fresh perspective on research. Our roots are in finding solutions to difficult problems – doing more with less and still getting amazing results. We’re creative. We’re increasingly digital. […]

Laurent Flores – Candidate for ESOMAR President

“To Give Back to the Industry, Expand the Value Perception and Impact of Market Research”. With a unique mix of international business management, academic experience and successful entrepreneurship, actor of the MR industry for over twenty years in different geographies, I have witnessed and participated in a massive turn around of the industry ranging from globalization to consolidation and to “technologisation”. Interestingly, although a lot has been accomplished over these years, it seems that the biggest challenge is ahead of us, that of enlarging and strengthening higher value and an improved perception of the MR Industry for clients and the society at large. This a top priority for MR, and I intend to promote the impact of research for profitable and ethical decisions. This objective implies extending the recent efforts made by ESOMAR in the area of: Valuing the impact of research for profitable business decisions and results among top management and business schools Promoting change and collaboration across the industry and across industries for better valuation and ROI of research initiatives Developing opportunities for win/win collaboration between research participants, research providers, research users, and new (big) data providers for higher value creation Continuing to support the ESOMAR Management Team […]

Daniel Cuende – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

Our industry in a critical point, big changes are coming and we have to make the transition from Market Research to Knowledge management. New players, data, rules, analysis, possibilities and of course different business models. We have to warrantee that this stills have the highest standards and quality for our customers in this bigger market. We need to invest more in the relevance of our industry as a key factor for success, ESOMAR is the position to push the up the bar, not only with corporate membership but also with a better definition of the member itself. I think that we have to make a qualitative difference with other associations or groups, the ICC/ESOMAR International Code is best example, but we still have much room to improve. We live an era that is easy to access and shared information, so an association has to evolve to really take part and activity in the industry. I am proud that ESOMAR is doing great, nevertheless we have to explore new ways. I envision ESOMAR ,in the future, as a trust partner in my business. See my web page at To see other notes on the ESOMAR elections see here.  

Phil Rance – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

I first joined ESOMAR for the Montreal Congress in 2008, and since then have been an enthusiastic participant in ESOMAR conferences, and increasingly involved with ESOMAR. Since 2012, I have served as UK representative, introducing new local event and networking formats, including a “Best of ESOMAR” and summer party. I am a passionate believer in ESOMAR, what it stands for and what it can offer to its members. In particular, I value the opportunities to meet other research industry professionals from over 100 countries, and the dynamism that comes from this international network. I have been in research since joining Research Now as Commercial Director in 2008. Before that I worked in Sales & Marketing roles in the Financial and Consumer Services sectors, and as a strategy consultant. So I bring a commercial, strategic and client perspective to the research business, and I hope to use this to the benefit of all ESOMAR members as a Council member. Having served as Managing Director of two pioneering online research firms (Research Now and YouGov), I also represent the dynamic, technology-driven and entrepreneurial future of our industry. Our industry continues to face fundamental structural change, with mobile, social media and data analytics […]

Photo of Kristin Luck

Kristin Luck – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

With over 15 years of industry experience, I’ve served in pretty much every role from phone interviewer to CEO. Currently, I drive new client development and serve as the resident brand evangelist for Decipher, which means I spend most of my time traveling the globe, meeting with clients and collaborating with researchers and technology providers both within and outside of our industry. My role at Decipher is to drive the development of our products and services globally, as well as stay on the forefront of new technologies, and I hope to bring that same diligence and passion for new research solutions and emerging methods to ESOMAR as a Council member. Before my time at Decipher, I worked for some of the largest research firms in the world and was one of the original pioneers of the multi-media online research business and co-founded OTX (Online Testing Exchange) in 2000, where I led operations and strategy. In 2007 I founded WIRe (Women in Research), a global not-for-profit networking group to create greater career opportunities for women in our industry. I’ve been recognized globally for my work, most recently with the 2014 ARF Great Minds Future Forward Award, the MRA’s 2013 Impact Award. […]

Patricio Pagani – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

I believe it is time for our industry to grow its circle of contacts. And to grow them exponentially. We are good at learning, so let us apply our probing skills and learn what others have to offer. Let us not be shy, and talk openly about what we have to offer to society. As some of you would know, I’ve been collaborating actively in the Market Research Industry for the last 14 years. I’m a feverish industry advocate and news curator. In the coming days, the ESOMAR council will elect their representatives and I believe I could make a difference, so I am asking for your support. As ESOMAR Rep and president of the New Zealand Market Research society for 4 years, I have experience leading industry groups and driving change. Together with a group of likely minded industry leads, I’ve championed the successful integration of the NZ Professional Research Association (MRS) and Companies Association (AMRO). The industry’s response has been outstanding, for a country our size, the change was gladly welcome. If I am elected to the ESOMAR council, I’ll give a strong push for further integration of our industry with different stakeholder groups in society. There’s a […]

Joaquim Bretcha – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

The Consumer understanding has been the engine of my 19 years of working experience. The consumer has been the focus in all the different roles I have developed all along the Value Chain in the MR Industry: End Client, Agency and Service Provider. I strongly believe that ESOMAR has to properly represent all the Market Research Value Chain. Indeed, in the current period in which the technology brings new players on the stage. We all have to be aware of the importance of building a strong community, formed by a huge diversity of actors, with solid principles and consistent methodologies that ensure the optimal adoption of the technology (r)evolution. On top of that, we do need to make sure that the end client, the one that pays the whole value chain, understands and appraises our approaches and deliveries. We must bet for a clear display and defense of the value that the Market Research contribution has to the set of the market and to society. I am an Economist by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Postgraduate by the IESE Business School. In Spain, my positions as “End Client” have been: Marketing Director at Auchan Supermarkets, Merchandising Director in Carrefour […]

Alexander Shashkin – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

I am running for ESOMAR Council this year and ask you to vote for me during the elections. Many of you know me already for years. I started my career as a fieldwork director in a traditional market research business and later founded hi-tech online panel company that became regional leader in this domain, so my ideas for the industry are connected with bringing together new technologies and data sources. As a ESOMAR Council member I will support the following initiatives: Creating a data warehouse and opening it to the members. Organizing continuous review and evaluation process of the market research software. Negotiating good deals for members to use these technologies. Creating an independent research-on-research working group within ESOMAR to make expert valuations of emerging research practices and methodologies. I will do my best to bring the alternative point of view to the Council’s table that will protect and represent the interests of small and medium sized private research companies. More information about my ideas and myself can be found here. Voting starts on September 30th and lasts for one month. Vote for me and we will make these things happen together! To see other notes on the ESOMAR elections […]

Dr Matthew Wang – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

I am Dr. Matthew Wang, Co-Founder and Managing Director of MAP and the only candidate representing China to run for Council Member. It will be helpful if you can vote for me, as this means invaluable opportunity for China. My short canvassing statements center on 3Es, namely Entrepreneurship, Experience, and Edge. Entrepreneurship shows my passionate spirit. In 2001, I co-founded the full-service market research house, MAP, based out of Greater China with headquarters in Shanghai and offices in Beijing and Guangzhou. MAP mainly served global clients ranging from FMCG to luxury goods such as LVMH, Coach, Remy Martin, L’ORÉAL, Sisley, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, IFF, Tyson, Nike Golf, KOHLER, KAO, CASIO, and much more. Experience shows my professional dedication. My first job was market research and have accumulated 20-years of hands-on experience in this field. I have been has been an active member of ESOMAR since 2002. Being highly skilled at both qualitative and quantitative projects, I have designed and facilitated more than 50 ideation workshops in Asia with global brands ranging from FMCG to luxury goods. Furthermore, I am a seasoned corporate trainer for MNC clients in the areas of marketing research, best practices, insights generation, […]

Don Marek – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

On September 30th, I am retiring as Executive Director of the Marketing Research Institute International (MRII) after 9-years. MRII, which I helped co-found in 1996, has educated more than 7,000 students from 98 counties in its 18-year existence. Reg Baker, former President of Market Strategies International, will be my replacement. I am running for the ESOMAR Council this year because my MRII retirement will give me more free time to devote to things I like. AND, what I really like is giving back to society and our industry through associations and societies. Please make me one of the top choices on your ESOMAR Council ballot in the September 22 to October 20, 2014 election. I think Finn Raben and his staff are excellent. In fact, they are the best team I have ever worked with. They will be even better next year with a strong Council. My 37-years of activity with marketing research associations will be an asset to the ESOMAR team. For example, I have extensive experience running events because I have worked on a 600-900 attendee annual student marketing conference for 18-years. In addition, I have been: President of the St. Louis American Marketing Association (AMA) Chapter, 1990-1991 […]