Shirley Eadie – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

‘A Love Letter to ESOMAR…from Africa’ Dear ESOMAR Africa loves you. Research on the African continent is getting better and more affordable every year, and we’d like to learn more from the international research community and do our part to […]

Laurent Flores – Candidate for ESOMAR President

“To Give Back to the Industry, Expand the Value Perception and Impact of Market Research”. With a unique mix of international business management, academic experience and successful entrepreneurship, actor of the MR industry for over twenty years in different geographies, […]

Daniel Cuende – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

Our industry in a critical point, big changes are coming and we have to make the transition from Market Research to Knowledge management. New players, data, rules, analysis, possibilities and of course different business models. We have to warrantee that […]

Phil Rance – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

I first joined ESOMAR for the Montreal Congress in 2008, and since then have been an enthusiastic participant in ESOMAR conferences, and increasingly involved with ESOMAR. Since 2012, I have served as UK representative, introducing new local event and networking […]

Photo of Kristin Luck

Kristin Luck – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

With over 15 years of industry experience, I’ve served in pretty much every role from phone interviewer to CEO. Currently, I drive new client development and serve as the resident brand evangelist for Decipher, which means I spend most of […]

Patricio Pagani – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

I believe it is time for our industry to grow its circle of contacts. And to grow them exponentially. We are good at learning, so let us apply our probing skills and learn what others have to offer. Let us […]

Joaquim Bretcha – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

The Consumer understanding has been the engine of my 19 years of working experience. The consumer has been the focus in all the different roles I have developed all along the Value Chain in the MR Industry: End Client, Agency […]

Alexander Shashkin – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

I am running for ESOMAR Council this year and ask you to vote for me during the elections. Many of you know me already for years. I started my career as a fieldwork director in a traditional market research business […]

Dr Matthew Wang – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

I am Dr. Matthew Wang, Co-Founder and Managing Director of MAP and the only candidate representing China to run for Council Member. It will be helpful if you can vote for me, as this means invaluable opportunity for China. My […]

Don Marek – Candidate for ESOMAR Council

On September 30th, I am retiring as Executive Director of the Marketing Research Institute International (MRII) after 9-years. MRII, which I helped co-found in 1996, has educated more than 7,000 students from 98 counties in its 18-year existence. Reg Baker, […]