Main Stage 2013

Pravin Shekar Panel Discussion: Greg Coops, Sue York, Bruce Wells & Ray Poynter
Danni Findlay An example of using MobileMR to implement one of the UK’s largest Customer Experience programmes
Jon Puleston Five star rating for films
Leslie Townsend A Hundred Monkeys: How Mobile Changes Everything
Andrew Jeavons Where do market research ideas come from? A report back on the NewMR survey.
Paul McDonald A new mobile world: How the growth of mobile computing is changing the world, and promise of duel-frame internet based research
Will Stahl-Timmins Seeing is Believing: The use of information graphics and visualisation for presenting scientific data and information
Fiona Blades Sustainable Research: Changing the way we do things for the better
Mark Earls Old is the new new
John Kearon Changing Behaviour One Elephant At a Time – Applying Behavioural Science to Brand Building
Colin Strong Does the uncanny valley, signal the point that big data ends and market research starts?
Jeffrey Henning Your Algorithmic Future – Prospering throughout the Research Disruption
Elina Halonen Locally irrational: applying behavioural economics in different cultures
Dan Foreman A view of the future, from ESOMAR’s President Dan Foreman
Sue York Adventures in Text Analytics
Dangjaithawin Anantachai Colour, semiotics, Asia, and communities
Bruce Wells Research Communities in Asia – Do’s and Don’ts
Dave McCaughan Soft power aint so soft
Annelies Verhaeghe Diesel, Pinterest, and ROI
Miguel Ramos How Ethnography provides a deeper depth of data for one of the world’s largest beer brands