Main Stage 2013

Pravin Shekar Panel Discussion: Greg Coops, Sue York, Bruce Wells & Ray Poynter
Danni Findlay An example of using MobileMR to implement one of the UK’s largest Customer Experience programmes
Jon Puleston Five star rating for films
Leslie Townsend A Hundred Monkeys: How Mobile Changes Everything
Andrew Jeavons Where do market research ideas come from? A report back on the NewMR survey.
Paul McDonald A new mobile world: How the growth of mobile computing is changing the world, and promise of duel-frame internet based research
Will Stahl-Timmins Seeing is Believing: The use of information graphics and visualisation for presenting scientific data and information
Fiona Blades Sustainable Research: Changing the way we do things for the better
Mark Earls Old is the new new
John Kearon Changing Behaviour One Elephant At a Time – Applying Behavioural Science to Brand Building
Colin Strong Does the uncanny valley, signal the point that big data ends and market research starts?
Dave McCaughan Soft power aint so soft
Bruce Wells Research Communities in Asia – Do’s and Don’ts
Dan Foreman A view of the future, from ESOMAR’s President Dan Foreman
Jeffrey Henning Your Algorithmic Future – Prospering throughout the Research Disruption
Sue York Adventures in Text Analytics
Elina Halonen Locally irrational: applying behavioural economics in different cultures
Dangjaithawin Anantachai Colour, semiotics, Asia, and communities
Annelies Verhaeghe Diesel, Pinterest, and ROI
Miguel Ramos How Ethnography provides a deeper depth of data for one of the world’s largest beer brands