Main Stage 2012

Stefania Gogna The challenges and opportunities of Social Media: combining semiotic models with statistical multivariate analysis
Jasper Snyder Social Media and Digital Ethnography
John Kearon The Need for Faster Marketing Thinking & Slower Use of Flawed Research
Anita Prinzie Five steps from Big social data to Smart social data
Elina Halonen Take your consumers to a shrink – Profiling consumer motivation for
David Penn The Viagra of Virality
Manila Austin Do You Feel What I Feel? When Meaning Matters More than Numbers
Anouk Willems Exploring the unexplored in the mobile research space
Mark Earls Are you in the content business?
Aliza Pollack, Zoe Dowling Promise and perils: qualitative research in our connected, mobile world
Ray Poynter The Quick and the Dead, a manifesto for change in the market research industry
Neil Gains Star Wars, Story and Market Research
Navin Williams Mobile 3D & Its Application in MR
Ray Poynter Where is social media research today, where will it be tomorrow?
Michael Rodenburgh Socialized Research – It is the end of market research, as we know it, but we feel fine!
Kevin Gray What Do We Mean by ‘Analytics’?
Leslie Townsend The Tipping Point Is Here: Mobile Market Research Goes Mainstream
Martin Tomlinson, Sally Joubert Research Goes Mobile: Findings from initial smartphone application research