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Book, Games and Gamification in Market Research

Book Review with Betty Adamou

Ray Poynter interviews author Betty Adamou about her book Games and Gamification in Market Research. Available as a downloadable podcast.

AMSRS conference: Humour, optimism and solid case-studies – Betty Adamou

Guest Post by Betty Adamou of Research Through Gaming, who was a keynote speaker at this year’s AMSRS Conference in Melbourne. Let’s face it, Market Research conferences aren’t a place we normally associate with a few laughs (from the stage, it’s different off stage!), but not only did the AMSRS provide delegates with two comedians (one of which was a Market Researcher) but we also had presenters using humour to make some valid points. These giggle-inducing moments were in the opening talks; Tom Ewing of BrainJuicer keynoted about Reasons to be Cheerful with his ever-present-on-Twitter co-presenter buddy ‘Old Man CrossTabs’ (@OldSchoolMRX on Twitter, if you’re interested in following) who would chime in every now and then during Toms talk with some words of wisdom, but was used to provide a stark contrast between the expectations of ‘Old MR’ (personified by Old Man CrossTabs) and ‘New MR’, brought to life through BrainJuicer case-studies and examples. The next talk included a flying lettuce through the slides, meant to highlight to power of subliminal messaging and subconscious decisions. Interestingly, the presentation which included a flying lettuce in Leigh Caldwell’s talk didn’t make me want to choose lettuce for lunch, but did act as […]

My take on social media – Betty Adamou

A series of prominent users of social media are writing guest posts for NewMR on the theme of social media, in order to highlight the many options available. This first one is from Betty Adamou, found and CEO of Research Through Gaming. Click here to see a list of the other posts in this series. Guest post by Betty Adamou, from Research through Gaming. When I first started RTG (Research Through Gaming), one of the first things I did (aside from attempt to make an awful website…cut me some slack, this was before WordPress!) was open a Twitter and Facebook account. But this is not unusual for any new business, as opening social media profiles is now commonplace on the ‘list of immediate things to do’ for all new business owners. After all, it’s free advertising. Not too long after I started those profiles, a LinkedIn company page was born and then, in the last year or so, Research Through Gaming had its own Pinterest profile and Google+ profile. All in all, Research Through Gaming currently holds social media profiles across 8 different platforms, if you count our YouTube channel as social media too (some people debate this). We also […]

AI illustration

ChatGPT is ushering in Research 3, but what is Research 3?

For the last year, interest in the Metaverse and Web 3 has been booming, with articles, conferences and new products emerging left, right, and centre. If you want a primer on the Metaverse and Web 3 – then I recommend checking out the ASC Conference from November 22. All of the presentations are available via their YouTube channel to watch for free.

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