Main Stage 2011

Jon Puleston The ideas that are transforming market research
Steve Rappaport Listening as Foresight: Detecting Emergent Consumer Trends
Mike Sherman, Neil Gains Less is More: Getting Value (Not Just Reams of Data) From Your Research
Leslie Townsend 2016: A Market Research Odyssey
Christine Walker 2011 What a Disaster!
Steve Nutall, Jess Whittaker Are social media and research meant to be together?
John Griffiths It takes two baby!
Diane Hessan Online Communities: Mistakes, Misuses and Challenges
John Kearon Let’s Get Emotional About Advertising; Evidence from the frontiers of behavioural economics about how ads really work
Felix Koch What next? 5 predictions about the future of online co-creation
Bernie Malinoff The Road to Survey Extinction
Ross McLean Digital Ethnography – Revealing Human Truths through Smartphones
Finn Raben Update on Privacy and Ethics
Ian Ralph The Rise of the Digital Shopper: New ways to shop require new ways to research
David Penn Neuromania and why we need to re-humanise research
Annie Pettit The US GOP – And Something for the Rest of Us
Jeffrey Henning Crowd-Shaped Surveys: Adapting the Experience Based on Prior Respondents
Ray Poynter The Next Two Years
Reg Baker Survey Gamification: Old Wine in New Bottles?
Sue Bell How to use discourse analysis in market research
Leigh Caldwell Behavioural economics – new new or new old?
Rosie Campbell Case of the Dead Cat:Curiosity not to Blame
Paul Child Life outside the ivory tower
Mark Earls Less is more: how pattern spotting can save us from ourselves
Victoria Gamble Taking Qualitative Online: What I wished I’d known before I started
Alastair Gordon Surveys Without Scales – NewMR and Facial Imaging