Main Stage 2010

Erica Ruyle Stalker for Hire – How to be an Engaging Ethnographer No Matter Where You Are
Rich Shaw Hacking The Data Shadow
Duncan Stuart BUMP – A New Metric Inspired by Neural Networks
John Dick One Question at a Time: Engaging Today’s Bandwidth-Strapped Consumer in High-Yield Attitudinal Research
Adam Rossow, Jen Drolet “You Can Let Go of Your Focus Groups… Really it’s O.K.
Brian Fine “Serious Games” has a place in future MR-it will ensure respondent engagement, focus and therefore validity,and help with panelist retention. It will also increase participation from the elusive 18-24 year olds!
Jim Lango “The Changing Landscape of Online Qualitative Research: Using new technologies to engage, listen and get meaningful feedback from respondents
Spencer Murrell “Insight Translation – Turning Data into Action
Agnes Nairn Oi! You Took That Without Asking! Ethics for New MR
Shobha Prasad Listening to the Sounds of Silence
Tamara Barber MROC; now we’re telling you what it is
Steve Cierpicki Combining NewMR & Traditional Research: The Virgin Blue Success Story
John Clay Why are market researchers so !x!?ing bad at communicating research and insights?
Christine Walker Sampling the Twitter Stream
Navin Williams Asia and the Developing World – Smart Enough for Mobile MR
Sue York What Quant researchers must learn from Qual researchers
Graeme Lawrence Listening is only half the story
Bernie Malinoff “Sexy Questions, Dangerous Results?” – Navigating The Digital Divide in Survey Research
Annie Pettit Mr Survey Flirts with Ms Social Media Research
Ray Poynter How can we turn online discussions into insight?
Jon Puleston How to stimulate creative thinking in online respondents
Finn Raben Market Research Organisations in Networked Age – An Interview with Ray Poynter
Adriana Rocha Semantic Web and Research 3.0
Tom De Ruyck Co-creation through conversation
Leslie Townsend Don’t Forget…The Respondent Experience Trumps All
Annelies Verhaeghe Beyond the Hype
Betty Adamou “I’ll Facebook u yeah?” Modern Communication and Evolving with the Times
Ian Ralph, Steve August Embracing the 3rd Screen: Mobilising online qualitative research via smartphones
Mark Earls I’ll have what she’s having
Tom Ewing Game On: How game mechanics are changing the consumer world, and how researchers can play
Alastair Gordon Will NewMR become OldMR? The Challenge of Turning Radical Methods into Sustainable Businesses
Henrik Hall How market researchers can make the world a bit fairer
Diane Hessan The 8 Myths about Successful Research Communities
John Kearon DigiViduals™ Research Robots conducting mass ethnography for insight generation